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Campus Safety

WSU Police Department

The Weber State Police Department is a state-authorized law enforcement agency that handles emergency management, crime investigation and other police services for the university. Weber State Police take an education-first approach to their work, providing safety and preparedness information and courses to members of the university community.

Phone: 801-626-6460

Code Purple

Your safety while attending WSU is extremely important to us. The university maintains a campus alert system called Code Purple that provides notices about significant emergency situations on campus such as snow closures, power outages, gas leaks or other potentially dangerous threats. We encourage you to sign up for campus alerts at

Annual Security Report & Fire Safety Report

The university also publishes an Annual Security Report and Fire Safety Report that provides information about crime statistics, crime prevention, alcohol and drug policies, fire statistics, etc. This report also describes more information regarding options, resources and processes.

You can view the report online, or request a physical copy by calling 801-626-6460 or visiting the WSU Police Department at the Weber State Campus, 3734 Dixon Parkway, Ogden UT 84408.


The Strategic Threat Assessment and Response Team (STAR) reviews potential threats of violence of any kind at Weber State University, as more fully described in PPM 3-67, Violence Prevention. In cases of sexual violence, the STAR Team works with the Title IX coordinator, as appropriate, to make recommendations regarding the safety of individuals at Weber State University. However, the Title IX coordinator is not required to report any incident to the STAR team where the Title IX coordinator has determined confidentiality is of paramount importance and disclosure will put the safety of individuals in jeopardy.