Bounce Back Program

Bounce back from academic difficulties!

The Bounce Back Program helps struggling students to raise their grade point average (GPA) and achieve good academic standing at Weber State University.

What is good academic standing?

Good academic standing at Weber State University requires a minimum 2.00 cumulative WSU GPA. Students must be in good academic standing to earn a WSU degree. Students who drop below the 2.00 minimum face academic warning, probation, or suspension.

How will the Bounce Back Program help me?

Bounce Back provides students on academic warning, probation, and suspension with the support, knowledge, and resources to improve their academic success. Program participants will complete a short online workshop on college success strategies and academic policies, then meet with their academic advisor to create a plan for success. Returning participants who have completed the Bounce Back program within the last two years will meet with their academic advisor in a follow-up appointment.

What support will my academic advisor provide?

Here at Weber, we care deeply about your college success. Bounce Back participants meet with their academic advisors to receive personalized support in a caring and nonjudgmental environment. Academic advisors are professional support staff whose mission is to support student success by providing guidance, goal-setting, degree planning, and resource referrals. With the support of your academic advisor, we believe that all students can achieve excellence here at Weber. Let us help you make the very most of your time here at Weber as you pursue your academic and career goals.

Why do I have a “Low GPA” registration hold?

Students who do not complete the Bounce Back Program by the eighth week of the semester receive a registration hold that prevents them from enrolling in further coursework until program completion. The hold ensures that students receive the needed support to implement academic improvements and avoid academic suspension. Students who complete the program before the eighth week of the semester will not receive a registration hold.

What if I have questions?

For questions, please see your academic advisor or contact the Student Success Center, which administers the Bounce Back Program and provides academic advising referrals. The Student Success Center is located in Student Services 140, around the corner from Financial Aid and the Registrar. Please call 801-626-6752 or email

Get Started!

First-Time Participants

  1. Go to to complete the online workshop, which takes about 30 to 40 minutes.
  2. Schedule a Bounce Back appointment with your academic advisor, using the contact information provided at the end of the workshop. If you live more than 50 miles away from Ogden and Davis campuses, you can schedule a phone appointment.
  3. Attend your Bounce Back appointment.

Returning Participants

  1. Schedule a Bounce Back follow-up appointment with your academic advisor using the contact information provided in the Bounce Back program notification emails sent to your Wildcat email.
  2. Attend your Bounce Back follow-up appointment.

If you have a registration hold, it will be expired by the end of the workday following completion of these steps.

We look forward to working with you to support your success at Weber! After program completion, you will receive a program evaluation by email to ask for your feedback on how we can best support students in achieving good academic standing. Please contact the Student Success Center at 801-626-6752 or with any questions.