2011-12 Survey Summaries

Weber State University Student Affairs incorporates a multitude of assessment methods in the assessment process. We incorporate surveys as one indirect method of assessment. As a StudentVoice member campus, we have administered hundreds of surveys since we first started capturing electronic survey information in 2008.

2011-12 Survey Instruments

The Profile of Today’s College Students is an extensive instrument examining student characteristics and beliefs. Because of the length, the survey consists of multiple sections (e.g. diversity, campus involvement, community involvement). Each student received a random selection of sections. This survey was administered from 11/21/2011-12/12/2011. 623 students responded for a 4% sample error at a 95% confidence level.

The graduate survey represents a collaborative efforts between Career Services, Alumni Services, the academic colleges, and Student Affairs Assessment and Research and serves to compile information on recent graduates.  The tool is designed to assist faculty and administration in planning curriculum an dadvising students.  The survey is administered upon graduation and to recent graduates at regular follow-up intervals.  Complete survey information is available through Student Affairs Assessment and Research.

Summary prepared by Student Affairs Research & Assessment.