Overarching Focus Areas

The Division of Student Affairs promotes student learning, well-being and success through comprehensive services and programs provided in an inclusive environment. Student Affairs serves the needs of a diverse student population by offering educational experiences, leadership opportunities, and academic support which advances the social, intellectual, cultural, and civic development of students.

First Year Student Success

First year student success is positively contributing to students’ transition to WSU, engagement on-campus, and persistence to their sophomore year. In order to accomplish this as a Division, we can assess and explore ways we can increase retention, persistence, engagement, GPAs, etc. of first year students.

Cultural Competency

Cultural competence is understanding and appreciating diversity. Individuals who are culturally competent develop an inclusive world view, value differences, and interact with others in culturally appropriate ways which create a climate of mutual respect (SLOTF, 2008). Cultural competence includes self-awareness (culture, prejudices) and global understanding.

Leadership Development

Leadership and management skills are the abilities to influence the actions of others. Individuals who have leadership and management skills are able to create a common vision, inspire others to accomplish that vision, obtain and utilize appropriate resources, and evaluate outcomes (SLOTF, 2008).

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness behaviors include having a healthy balance of mind, body, and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being. Success factors include awareness of health/ wellness status; students with less stress, better coping strategies, increased levels of concentration, positive attitude/outlook, physical fitness, and students who are successful in relationships.

Important elements to consider in accomplishing focus areas:

  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Sustainability (program sustainability, fiscal responsibility)
  • Assessment
  • University Partnerships and Community Partnerships
  • Student Affairs values: Respect, Integrity, Student-centered, Collaboration, Inclusion, Accountability