Core Theme 1 -- Access


WSU provides access to higher educational opportunity.

Graduates have "next step" success.

The WSU Graduation Survey was administered by Career Services in collaboration with the academic colleges and the WSU Alumni Center. Data are based on the responses of 1250 spring 2011 graduates. There is a 2.2% sample error at a 99% confidence level.

Employment Status Chart Bachelor's Degree Respondents at a Glance

Student enrollments reflect demographic diversity.

  • During the spring semester, 426 international students were enrolled from 45 countries. This includes 220 new students who were admitted and enrolled in classes at WSU over the fall and spring semesters.
  • Due to outreach initiatives by Education Access and Outreach, 135 students enrolled at WSU in the fall of 2010. 76% of these students returned for the spring semester.
  • The new Summerbridge program transitions traditionally under-represented high school seniors to the University. Summerbridge has two tracks, “Connecting to College” and “SmartStart.” Connecting to College strives to prepare 200 graduating high school seniors for their first year in college through monthly events held June through November. These events guide participants through placement tests, course selections, and basic college survival skills as well as to provide social opportunities with peers.
  • SmartStart assists 60 high school seniors in their transition to WSU through mentoring, seminars, and workshops. SmartStart enrolls 40 of these students into a four-week summer English seminar class taught by the same professor who will be teaching the students’ class in the fall. In these seminars, students are provided with a taste of the college environment.
  • The Multicultural Youth Conference was held on November 3, 2010 to provide multicultural and other under-represented youth an on-campus experience that exposed them to college opportunities, the steps of enrollment, and the importance of diversity. Approximately 515 underrepresented juniors and seniors came from 23 high schools across the state. 204 of the seniors who attended applied for college admissions.
  • Approximately 100 rising 12th grade students participated in a two-day Summer Summit, “Creating a Pathway to College,” sponsored by the Student to Student Outreach program that ran three sessions, with 35-45 students per session. Students attended workshops focusing on college support services, ACT preparation, and development of scholarship essays and personal resumes. Students were also assigned two college advocates (trained paraprofessional college students) that will work with them through their senior year of high school as they complete college enrollment. Finally, participants had the opportunity to explore ways to be involved in college.