2008-09 Survey Summaries

was formed in collaboration by NASPA and StudentVoice. The survey summaries below were administered as part of the consortium. Information contained in the summaries represents a small selection of the information gathered with each instrument. This information is applicable to only WSU students. Each instrument was a benchmarking instrument, so comparable data will be available at a later date. 35 institutions participated in the Assessment and Knowledge Consortium. 42 institutions participated in the Profile of Today’s College Student.

For examples of the complete instruments, visit the Student Voice website.

Survey Summaries

The summaries below include the error margin and confidence level for each survey. When surveying students, a random sample was selected. A random sample is selected so that we can get an estimation of what all students think without causing survey fatigue with so many surveys. Since we are using a sample, there is an error margin. This means that if one statistic says "36% of students say...." and there is a 5% error margin that we can guesstimate that between 31%-41% of students believe this. The error margin essentially provides a range within which the actual percentage will fall. The confidence level tells us how confident we can be with the results and this sample error. Within WSU Student Affairs Assessment and Research, we aim for a 95% confidence level.

  • The Campus Safety/Student Conduct student assessment covers the following topics: perceptions and experiences regarding safety on campus and awareness of student conduct policies. A separate section of the survey focused on the judicial affairs process; however, no students reported having gone through this process. The survey was administered 01/20/2009 - 02/04/2009. 330 students responded to the survey for a 5% error margin at a 95% confidence level.

    Campus Safety/Student Conduct Summary PDF

  • The Diversity/ Multiculturalism/ Inclusivity survey explored student views of diversity and diversity-related learning opportunities on campus. The survey also investigated student perceptions of the campus climate in regards to diversity and their experiences with discrimination and harassment on-campus. The survey was administered 01/20/2009 -02/04/2009. 334 students responded for a 5% sample error with 95% confidence level on all sections except for Students at WSU. The “Students at WSU” section has a 5% sample error at a 99% confidence level.

    Diversity/Multiculturalism/ Inclusivity Summary PDF

  • The Profile of Today’s College Student is an extensive, 250 question instrument examining student characteristics and beliefs. Because of the length, the survey was divided into the following sections: academic integrity, academic involvement, campus involvement, diversity, future aspirations, health and wellness, media and communication, and student opinions. Each student received a random selection of sections. This survey was administered 1/20/2009 - 2/10/2009. 747 students responded for a 4.6% sample error with 99% confidence level on the demographic information in the survey. As this survey was split into multiple sections, and each student only got a couple of sections, the other sections have a 5% sample error with a 95% confidence level.

    Profile of Today's College Student Summary PDF

  • The National College Health Assessment is the "largest comprehensive data set on the health of college students” (ACHA, 2009, p. 2). The survey was administered 3/17/2009-4/3/2009. A total of 418 students responded for a 5% sample error at a 95% confidence level.

    National College Health Assessment PDF

  • This summary was created with information taken from WSU’s 2008-2009 administration of NASPA’s Profile of Today’s College Student, ACUI/EBI’s College Union Survey, and NASPA’s Campus Activities and Involvement Consortium Survey. Each survey has a 5% sample error with a 95% confidence level.

    Student Engagement Survey Information PDF