Faculty Excellence Awards

Rhetoric Society of America Summer Institute Seminar/Workshop
Jason Barrett-Fox, English

What is Building the Great Salt Lake Microbialites?
Carie Frantz, Geosciences

Using Soil Microbes to Increase Drought Resistance of Urban Agriculture
Bridget E. Hilbig, Botany

Upgrading Solar Simulator for Electronics Research at Weber State University
Kristin Rabosky, Physics

Mozambique Global Community Engaged Learning
Julie Rich, Geography

Journey Through Rwandan Memorials
Stephanie Wolfe, Political Science & Philosophy

Collaboration Awards

Computer Literacy Center / Goddard School Content Development
Thomas Bell, School of Computing; Jennifer Anderson, Business Administration; Brian Rague, School of Computing; Jo Ellen Jonsson, Professional Sales

Interactive English Stories for Thai Orphans
David Byrd, Teacher Education; Richard Fry, School of Computing; DeeDee Mower, Teacher Education; Brain Rague, School of Computing; Penée Stewart, Teacher Education; Nadia Wrosch, Teacher Education

Development of Interdisciplinary “Wicked Problems” Curriculum
Azenett Garza, Psychology; Tracy Covey, Chemistry; Barrett Bonella, Social Work; K Stevenson, Visual Arts & Design

Eutrophication in Weber State University’s Duck Pond
Bridget E. Hilbig, Botany; Brandon Burnett, Chemistry; Carie Frantz, Geosciences

Igniting Hope in Ghana: Medical, Educational and Humanitarian Service Mission
Gina Shelley, Teacher Education; Lisa Trujillo, Respiratory Therapy