Faculty Excellence and Collaborative Awards

Improving Educational Outcomes for Detained Youth
Dr. Patrick A. Leytham, Dr. Molly Catherine Sween
Teacher Education, Criminal Justice

CAPES! Specialized Equipment for Children with Disabilities to Enhance Learning
Dr. James A. Zagrodnik, Dr. Natalie Allen Williams, Dr. Patrick A. Leytham
Health Promotion & Human Performance, Teacher Education

The Four Freedoms Project
Joanne L. Lawrence, Dr. Leah A. Murray, Amanda Lee Sowerby
Performing Arts/Dance, Political Science & Philosophy, Performing Arts

Thailand: International Community Engaged Learning Project
Dr. Julie Rich, Jeremy R. Farner, Mike S. Moon, Carey Anson
Geography, Design Engineering Technology (DET), Center for Community Engaged Learning, Academic Support Centers - Programs

Dr. Fred Y. Chiou, Dean David Ferro, Dana D. Dellinger
Engineering Technology Electronics, Engineering, Applied Science & Technology

Chinese Cinema and Television, Past, Present, and Future: a Semester-long Dialogue with
WSU Visiting Scholar/ Shanghai Film Studio Director Wu Tiange

Dr. Greg S. Lewis

Increased Development of the Weber State University Linguistics Minor
Dr. Aaron Ashley, Dr. Mark S. LeTourneau, Dr. Rosemary Conover, Dr. David R. Byrd,
Dr. Timothy R. Conrad, Dr. Tom Matthews, Dr. Susan McKay
Psychology, English, Anthropology & Sociology, Teacher Education, English, Foreign Language, English

Faculty Vitality Grants

Ethics Conference Presentation
Fall 2014
Shirley Dawson, Teacher Education

Presentation at the AHCT 2015 Symposium
Fall 2014
Electra Gamon Fielding, Foreign Language

NATA Conference
Fall 2014
Valerie Herzog, Health Promotion & Human Performance

Ethics Conference Presentation at CEC Conference
Fall 2014
Bonnie Hofland, Teacher Education

Travel to Present at the 2014 Materials Research Society Meeting, Boston, MA
Fall 2014
Colin Inglefield, Physics

Big Sky Atheltic Conference
Fall 2014
Jennifer Ostrowski, Health Promotion & Human Performance

Electronic Literature Seminar
Fall 2014
Julia Panko, English

Dance Professor Exchange
Fall 2014
Erik Sern, Performing Arts

Travel to present at the American Anthropological Association Conference
Fall 2014
Liese Zahabi, Visual Art and Design

Travel to Present and Organize a Session at National Conference MAA MathFest
Spring 2015
Mahmud Akelbek, Mathematics

International Association of Special Education
Spring 2015
Melina Alexander, Teacher Education

Addressing lack of educational materials…
Spring 2015
Kathleen Cadman, Nursing

Research Presentation on GSL Bacteriophage and ASM Council Meeting
Spring 2015
Matthew Domek, Microbiology

“The Music of Antonio Romero (1815-1886). A Clarinet Collaboration Between America and Spain” with Dr. David E. Feller and Internationally Acclaimed Clarinetist Raul Traver
Spring 2015
David Feller, Performing Arts

Poster presentation at POGIL National Meeting
Spring 2015
Tim Herzog, Chemistry

Presentation at the Hymn Society
Spring 2015
Wade Kotter, Library

A collaborative approach to teaching interdisciplinary healthcare
Spring 2015
Bill Robertson, Emergency Care & Rescue

Spring 2015
Walther Spjeldvik, Physics

New Faculty Grants

An exploration of greed and perceptions of greed
Jennifer Anderson, Business Administration

Strengthening Early Childhood Teacher Education through Practice-based Coaching
Sheila Anderson, Child & Family Studies

Attending a POGIL workshop to explore guided-inquiry implementation in chemistry lectures.
Tracy Covey, Chemistry

Coupled thin film bulk acounstic-wave resonator (FBAR) Oscillators
Suketu Naik, Engineering

National Athletic's Trainers' Association
Justin Rigby, Athletic Training & Nutrition

Ghana, West Africa Internship
Bill Robertson, Emergency Care & Rescue

A Study on Intra-household Decision Making on Time Preference
Rong Rong, Economics

Soil Crusts of the Intermountain West Pilot Study
Heather Root, Botany

Visualizing big data using hyperwall technology
Hugo Valle, Computer Science

Journey through Rwandan Memorials
Stephanie Wolfe, Political Science

Adjunct Faculty Grants

Contemporary Art in Ecuador Preliminary Research Trip
Cara-Lynne Krebs
Visual Arts and Design