Assessment Research Support

Request for Proposals

Support for research will be provided during 2006 for faculty members in any academic discipline to investigate the following question:

How can we better measure the progress of students at Weber State University towards becoming an “educated person”?

Specifically, projects should examine how the following learning outcomes are being met through the WSU General Education program and how improvements could be made.

The following list is abstracted from the report of the Faculty Senate Ad Hoc University Graduation Requirements Implementation Committee, approved by the Faculty Senate April 22, 2005:

The goals of the general education program are that the graduate should be able to:

  • Understand, and convey ideas using writing, speaking, listening visual media and information technology,
  • Read and gather appropriate information that will leverage their expertise, resources and experience,
  • Carefully and thoroughly analyze information and make well considered, ethical decisions using the information relevant to any issues with which they are confronted,
  • Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of:
    • The diverse forms of aesthetic and intellectual expression within the arts and humanities.
    • How the biological and physical sciences describe and explain the natural world. The social and behavioral sciences, that includes the way people interact and relate to the world.
    • The logic of mathematical reasoning and the ability to perform mathematical operations.
  • Function as both a leader and a team member whether at work or in society in general,
  • Create principled, intellectually honest decisions using knowledge, respect, and ethical conduct with regard to diverse people, ideas, and cultures.

You must use at least some part of this as the basis for your application for support.

This investigation is intended as a scholarly inquiry and is expected to uncover answers, ideas, or insights suitable for dissemination. Publication a manuscript for peer review is encouraged.

Assessment support is open to all full-time WSU faculty on continuing appointments.   

Support of up to $5,000 will be awarded to faculty members who investigate some aspect of the above question.

Funding can take forms such as compensation for overload, travel, equipment, release time, or other similar purposes. The budget should be detailed in the proposal. Proposals will be reviewed in January with funding available shortly thereafter.