Switching Lab Sections

When you register for classes that are corequisites of each other (like a lecture & lab) and end up dropping one of them, the other class will also drop automatically because they are connected.

As such, if you ever need to switch out a class for a different section, you will need to:

  • Add the lab section you are wanting to switch into to your Summary Box.
  • Select the drop option next to the section you are wanting to drop.
  • Select the registration option next to the course you are wanting to switch into.
  • Click Submit.


Make sure the section you are wanting to switch to is actually open and does not have any students already on a waitlist.  

If there are, you will only get the option to waitlist for the section you were wanting, and will have dropped yourself from the section you were trying to switch from as well as from it's corresponding connected or corequisite course.