Inspired by Weber State University's theme of "connection," Orchesis Dance Theatre presents "Sojourners," a suite of five dances featuring the final installment of Stern's sustainability-themed dance, as well as works by three student choreographers, guest artist Juan Carlos Claudio, and incorporating the renowned sculptures of Ogden's own Jim Jacobs.

What happens when you take a large formal auditorium, remove the audience, and re-imagine where performances can take place? You get surprising, new perspectives on where – and how – dance exists.

Join us for this expectation-bending virtual dance experience.


Performance Information: www.weber.edu/artscalendar

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Hello Students, Parents, Alum and Dance Area Friends,

We are preparing for the Spring 2021 semester, especially with concerns due to the ongoing COVID pandemic. In doing so, the dance faculty will be implementing a strategic plan to provide safety for those attending our face-to-face courses.

Check out the video that the university has created with Dance Area Program Coordinator, Erik Stern.



The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend we all take sensible steps to protect ourselves and others. This is essential to slow down the spread of any virus. When participating in dance courses, students acknowledge responsibility for safeguarding themselves and others.

1.     Wear a clean mask before entering the Browning Center. Keep it on until you have left the building. In addition, wear clean clothes to the studio, wash hands before and after class

2.     To enter the Browning Center room 38 (Dance Studio), take the south staircase.
To exit, take the north staircase.
Each student will have a designated area that allows six-feet distance from others. Doors will be propped open to allow easy entrance and exit. 

Arrive at least five minutes early. Students who anticipate missing class should email the instructor at least four hours before class is scheduled to begin (except in the case of emergencies). 

4.     Students are encouraged to enter the space with the least items to carryIdeally, dancers enter the building already in dance clothes, carrying keys and perhaps a phone. 

5.     Students should not attend class if:
• they have traveled in the last two weeks (should remain away two weeks) 
• a family or household members is sick or exhibiting potential symptoms
• a family or household member has been in contact with someone diagnosed with coronavirus

Accommodations for COVID protocols should be directed to Disability Services on campus. If alternatives to face-to-face study is needed, students must speak to the instructor the first two weeks of class. Online study will require reasonable extra assignments, and an addendum to this syllabus agreement.



Stay tuned for upcoming Dance Area news and university information. 

Do not forget to register for fall courses!