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Crushing the Curve: Behind the Curtain


Presented by Weber State University Theatre
October 15, 2020


This performance will be available to view until Thursday, October 22, 2020.

Instructions to view Crushing the Curve: Behind the Curtain

Once the video appears, you will be able to click the "play" button in the bottom left corner of the video player.
To make the video full screen, please click the icon with four arrows in the bottom right corner of the video player.



Weber State University and the Department of Performing Arts took every precaution to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while filming this production.
Any footage involving participants without masks was filmed in Spring 2020, prior to the coronavirus-related campus closure.
Safety is always top priority for Weber State productions. 


Selections from Pippin
Written by Rodger O. Hirson and Stephen Schwartz
Original Choreography by Bob Fosse


Directed by
Andrew Barratt Lewis

Music Directed by
Kenneth Plain

Choreographed and Reconstructed by
Kelly Bruce Glynn



Leading Player
Mckenna Tedrick

Patrick Hawkins

Stefan Kurzius

Christian Clarke

Hailey Weeks

Jaycee Harris

Morgan Hekking

Easton Lewis


Abigail Philpott || Anna Carr || Ash McKnight || Brianne Jeide || Brittany Paskett-Koontz || Brooke Cooper || Cooper Lavallee || Emma Kate Leishman || Franki Ferreira || Gabriela Gray || Landry Thomas|| Maxwell Gilchrist || Natalie Lichfield || Peyton Davis || Sibley Snowden || Eliza Haynie || Hunter Jex

Stage Manager
Bridgette Lehman

Scenic Designer
Victoria Garcia-Wood

Costume Designer
Alicia Kondrick

Lighting Designers
Daniel Garner, Marley Porter, Marley Keith, Kray Casper and Jessica Greenberg

Sound Designer
Grace Heinz

Properties Designer
Alina Cannon

Sam Rust

Dramaturgy Assistant
Zoie Greenwood

Hair & Make-up Designer
Jonathan Urquiza

Costume Studio Manager
Jean-Louise England

Assistant Costume Studio Manager
Amber Smith

Dance Captains
Morgan Hekking and Christian Clarke


Faculty & Staff Mentors

Set, Props, Stage Management
Cully Long

Lights, Sound, Projects
Jessica Greenberg

Catherine Zubin

Hair & Make-up
Jean-Louise England

Assistant Director
Marie Howell

Master Electrician
Marley Keith

Electrics Crew
Daniel Garner
Adam Hellewell
Kylee Hoffman
Hunter Jex
Eric Michael Craner

Sound Mentor
Micah Maxon

Associate Sound Designer
Spenser Johnson

Sound Assistant
Bridgette Lehman

Graphics Designer
Cully Long

Properties Master
Allison Albrecht Allen

Wardrobe Head
Madison Grissom

Costume Studio Staff
Alicia Kondrick
Monica DeLapp

Creative Video Producer
Kelly Bruce Glynn

Technical Director
Bryce Allen

Associate Technical Director
Andy Nish

Camera Operators
Ash McKnight
Kylee Hoffman
Brayden Seaman
Emeline Rose

Scene Shop Staff
Andy Nish
Brayden Seaman
Alina Cannon

Special Thanks
Amanda Sowerby
Cassie Smith
Jenny Kokai
Jim Craig
Korey Lamb