Poster Printing

The Office of Undergraduate Research operates a large format printer to facilitate conference poster printing.  As part of our support for dissemination of research, this service is available to students and faculty for presentation at a conference at no cost. The maximum size for free printing is 42" x 36".


*For students and faculty who wish to print a poster for a class or non-research event, the cost of printing is $5 per linear foot.


Printing Guidelines

  • The large-format printer will print up to 42" wide
  • Posters may be printed only once at no charge
  • You can email your PDF or PowerPoint poster to, or bring a flash drive to the OUR office

PowerPoint Template

Download our PowerPoint template to get started

Poster Design

  • Poster images need to be high resolution (300dpi) 
  • If using Adobe software (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.), please save your final as a PDF as the correct size
  • If using PowerPoint to design your poster, please format the poster to the exact size you want it printed as shown in the picture below

      To change the slide size, go to the Design tab
        > Page Setup
            >set width to 42 inches, height 36 inches