Weber State University Research Scholars Overview

The purpose of the program is to provide student scholars the opportunity to join a premier undergraduate research community and experience an education where discovery is central to their learning environment. The University Scholars Program is a four-year program that moves students from having limited experience and exposure in a field to the point where they engage, discover, and create on their own under the advisement of a faculty mentor.  University Scholars will acquire a deep understanding of research or creative processes, master the knowledge and skills in their selected field of study, and with the guidance of a faculty mentor, have the opportunity to produce original work.  As part of this program, the Scholars will be awarded a scholarship and a research assistantship, working closely with an assigned faculty member.  University Scholars will be required to disseminate their work, and where appropriate, submit their work for publication.

Annual Research Assistantship Scholarships*

Year 1:  $1000 scholarship ($500 per semester)
Year 2:  $1000 scholarship ($500 per semester)
Year 3:  $1000 scholarship ($500 per semester)
Year 4:  $1000 scholarship ($500 per semester)

Minimum scholarship requirements:

  1. Maintain a full-time course load (at least 12 credit hours)
  2. Maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA
  3. Earn a C or higher in WSU 1560 (required course during first-semester of the first-year) entitled Research, Creativity, and Exploration Among the Disciplines.**
  4. Enroll in a one-credit hour research assistantship course during the spring semester.  Dr. Therese Grijalva will provide course details and enrollment information.  The course will be held bi-monthly, every other Thursday at 4:30 pm.
  5. A letter of reappointment from a faculty mentor: the faculty mentor will comment on the Scholar's commitment, responsibility, and motivation.

*The scholarships will be in addition to any scholarships earned or research grants awarded. 

**WSU 1560 is a 3-credit hour class that will earn the student credit for two general education requirements: Humanities (HU) and Social Sciences (SS)

Application Process