Other Resources


Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) at Weber State University handles employment, compensation, and benefits. Weber State grants and contracts follow all HR processes, including salary assignment and the hiring of employees. If a particular salary amount is written into a grant proposal, the salary amount may change after HR review. The hiring of both hourly and salaried employees must follow HR processes. If you have any questions about employment, compensation, and/or benefits, please contact the Human Resources office at (801) 626-6032, or by email at hr@weber.edu.



Payroll at Weber State University handles all matters related to employee pay, both salaried and hourly employees. Weber State grants and contracts follow all payroll processes. This link will take you to Payroll's webpage that houses their forms and guides. If you have any questions about employee pay, please contact the Payroll office at (801) 626-7648, or by email at payroll@weber.edu.


Purchasing and Supportive Services

Purchasing at Weber State University handles all aspects of obtaining goods and services. Weber State grants and contracts follow all purchasing processes. Goods and services can purchased through PawPlace with a purchase requisition. The following links will take you to Purchasing's webpages that house PawPlace guides, roles, and formsIf you are in need of procurement training, please visit this link. If you have any questions about purchasing goods and/or services, please contact the Purchasing office at (801) 626-6014. Please note that purchasing cards (p-cards) will not be given for grants and contracts. If you make purchases on your department p-card, a funds transfer will need to be completed and submitted to Accounting Services in order to charge expenses to your grant index.


WSU travel information can be accessed here. All university travel is to be purchased on a university p-card. Grants and contracts do not have p-cards, so grants and contracts that include travel should be purchased on a departmental p-card. These travel expenses can then be transferred to the grant index/account, via the p-card reallocation form.

Individual travel is to be processed through the Online Travel Reimbursement Application found in the eWeber portal. Please contact Brad Budge in the Purchasing office with individual travel questions. Brad can be emailed at bbudge1@weber.edu, or reached by phone at (801) 626-7113. The following links provide helpful travel information.

Accounting Services

Accounting Services at Weber State University supervises the general accounting operations, including sponsored projects/grants and contracts. Weber State grants and contracts follow all accounting processes. The Grants and Contracts Accountant is Roxann King. Roxann can be reached at rking3@weber.edu, or by phone at (801) 626-7438. The following accounting forms are helpful with grants and contracts budget management.