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Northern Utah Health Education Center (NUAHEC) pro-gram works hard to serve our students and community in their edcucation and healthcare goals. 

Learn more about our program, achievements, and who we are below. 


  welcome to the NUAHEC program  

My name is Frederick Henderson, and I am the Director here at Northern Utah Health Education Center (NUAHEC)

I care very deeply about this program because it offers many great opportunities to our students and builds up the next generation of healthcare workers, and I am proud of all that we've accomplished together.

This program is truly remarkable and one of a kind because of the students. These students not only actively participate their education with us, but they also get the opportunity to manage what they want that education look like. This structure has cre-ated a program ran by students for students, giving them the chance to express and respond to the tools they need to be successful in approaching the multiple career paths of healthcare. 

What I, and everyone here at Northern Utah Health Education Center work for day in and day out, is to give our students the tools they need to prepare them for careers that change lives. These students are our mission here, and they always will be, be-cause that’s what it is all about here—the students who change our fu-ture.

Everything you need to know about this program should be on this site, but if you are left with any questions, please contact me at frederickhenderson@weber.edu.

I look forward to our success together. 

Frederick Henderson
M.A. in Health Administration
Northern Utah Health Education Center Director


know where we are and where we are going  

  • Mission

    The Utah AHEC program and regional centers help all cur-rent and future health professionals acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to practice in a transforming health system for medically underserved rural and urban communities. This is done through strategic partnerships with aca-demic programs, communities, and professional organizations to improve:

    • the geographic distribution of health professionals;
    • the demographic and professional diversity of health professionals; and
    • transformation of health systems to enhance well-being, quality, efficiency of care, and health outcomes for all Utahns.
  • Vision

    Northern Utah AHEC works in collaboration with Utah AHEC Programs and Regional Centers to facilitate education for current and future health profession-als. Our program prepares healthcare professionals to practice in medically underserved rural and urban areas, under a health system transforming to lower costs, enhanced quality, improve satisfaction of healthcare professionals and improve population health outcomes. We are the future of healthcare!



  • Goals

    The overall goals of the Utah Area Health Education Center is to provide access to primary healthcare for Utah's entire population. To do this, we focus on recruiting and supporting Utah's primary care workforce, which in turn in-creases the capacity of our health system and improves health communities throughout the state.





  • History of AHEC

    Northern Utah Health Education Center (NUAHEC) program is a branch of the National AHEC Organization, representing a network of more than 300 AHEC program offices and centers that serve over 85% of the United States counties. These pro-grams were developed by Congress in 1971 to recruit, train an retain a health professions workforce committed to underserved populations. The purpose of these programs are to meet the needs of the communities they serve by aligning community partners, academic institu-tions and healthcare facilitates. Learn more about the National and Utah Area Health Education Cen-ters


learn about what NUAHEC has acheived 

We don't want to brag, but we do want to track our accom-plishments! NUAHEC has worked hard to make a difference in our northern Utah com-munities, learn more about our program through our successes.

  • Assisted in the development, implementation and funding of Weber State University's annual Opioid Awarness and Recovery week.
  • Assissted Weber State University in their bridges program with Military Education Training Campus (METC).
  • Designed and implemented the NUAHEC Scholars program.
  • As of Fall 2021, 270 students from 11 cohorts have praticpated in healthcare internship programs. Earning 4 university credit hours, students have developed and advanced their healthcare and academic skill set.

apply, visit, call or email—get the info you need today