Class Testimonials

“This class is great and should be attended by everyone regardless of how long they have been together. You learn great skills to improve your relationship and better ways to get over the rough parts. I feel like our relationship improved in the ways we communicate whether good or bad. Made us realize things about our relationship we might not have or would have realized too late.”
–Getlin and Kyle

“We found this class very helpful providing us tools how to deal with marital situations. These are lessons we have already put in use and will benefit us in the future.”
–Chris and Jenn

“We both recently retired and wanted to learn some new communication skills to use since we would be together 24/7. The Marriage and Relationship Class taught us many skills to use now and gave us ideas to refer to in the future. Some of the favorites for us were how to talk to your partner, learning both the speaker and listener technique, and date night ideas to do without breaking the bank. We recommend this class to anyone who is in a relationship (dating or marriage) and wants to see the relationship grow over time.”
–Connie and Rick

“We really enjoyed the class. My spouse and I love each other dearly. We did, however, want to work on our communication. Not only did this class help our communication, it helped us appreciate each other more.”
–Marc and Jaye

“We enjoyed this class. We recommend all our engaged friends take this class. The class was very informational with lots of relatable topics that have helped improve our relationship.”
–Ross and Karen

“We have a solid marriage of 20 years. I heard about this class from work and thought I would sign up to “test” it out for the folks at work and in my life who could use the help- those with “issues”. We have both been pleasantly surprised at the quality of material and teachers. We have learned a great deal and plan to promote whenever possible. This 4-week program has been a blessing to our life and relationship. Thank you! We wish we could have learned these things as newlyweds!”
–Thomas and Kelly


“We both have busy lives with busy kids, but we decided our relationship was a priority and made time to attend the marriage and relationship class. We truly enjoyed having a committed time to invest in our relationship. We learned some valuable tools and look forward to using them in our future. We recommend this class to strengthen your relationship; it did ours!”
–Eric and Julie