The School of Accounting and Taxation offers a number of tuition waivers and private scholarships to our MAcc/MTax students.  Scholarships are awarded 3 times a year to our MAcc/MTax students for each upcoming semester based on diverse criteria including but not limited to GPA, GMAT scores, program participation and individual scholarship criteria.  Students need to apply for scholarships each and every semester they are interested in being considered.  Please keep in mind that we have very modest amounts of money to award and we try to spread the money among the most qualified students in the MAcc/MTax program.

The general process is as follows:

  • A link and password are emailed to all 'active' students to apply each semester.  A student will be considered for all scholarships based on the information requested in the application.  Please be on the lookout for this e-mail which will come generally according to the following schedule:

    Semester    e-mail to Apply        Application Due           Award/Notification

    Fall             Early to Mid Jun        Late June to Early Jul        Mid Jul to Mid Aug
    Spring        Early to Mid Oct       Late Oct to Early Nov        Mid Nov to Mid Dec
    Summer    Early to Mid Feb        Late Feb to Early Mar       Mid Mar to Mid Apr      

  • Applications received on time will be processed and reviewed by the scholarship committee and award recipients and amounts will be decided for the upcoming semester.
  • About 2 weeks after the scholarship application deadline, you will receive an e-mail with a letter attachment stating either you have been chosen as a scholarship recipient or were not chosen for the upcoming semester.     In regard to private scholarships, the student is given up to 3 consecutive semesters to use the award after which it will be forfeited.  Tuition waivers which are typically awarded for fall semester, must be used by the following spring semester at the latest or forfeited.
  • For your scholarship monies to be paid out, you must have an active scholarship application on file in the Financial Aid/Scholarship Office.  You may also have opportunities for other scholarships as administered by the Financial Aid/Scholarship Office.  You will need to contact them for information on the opportunities and how to apply.  Also, at present, we are allowed to provide waivers to MAcc/MTax students who are not Utah residents which allows them to pay resident tuition and fees.


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