Sally Shigley

Dr. Sally Bishop Shigley, Professor of English


Ph.D. Oklahoma State University 1992

Office: Elizabeth Hall 428
Phone: 801-626-7617

Teaching and Research Interests: 

Medical  and Healthcare Humanities, Medical Literacy, Empathy in Neuroscience and Literature,  Poetry Writing and Analysis

Recent Courses:  

  • MENG 6010 Introduction to Graduate Studies
  • MENG 6710 Poetry Workshop
  • MENG 6810/English 4810 Professional Writing for Nursing
  • English 3080 Critical Approaches to Literature
  • English 4620 Literature of the British Renaissance
  • Honors 3900 Medicine and Literature  
  • *Currently working on developing a general education course in medicine and literature.


  • “Teaching Medical Humanities in an Undergraduate Honors Class”  forthcoming 2013 Journal of Medical Humanities.
  • “Feeling Your Pain:  The Challenges of Using Literature as a Means of Encouraging Empathy in Students Interested in Pursuing Careers in Healthcare” accepted for publication in Rethinking Empathy.
  • “Natural Curl.”  The Carolina Quarterly (March 2003):  80.
  • Presentations:  “Teaching Medical Humanities in an Undergraduate Classroom.”  American Society for Bioethics and Humanities, October 2012.
  • “Laughter and the Best Medicine”  April 2013 College English conference.