On-Call Procedure

Untitled Document I. DEFINITIONS

After-Hours – Defined as 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m. Monday-Friday, and 12:00 am – 11:59 p.m. holidays and weekends.

Normal Business Hours – In general, this means 7:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday – Friday. Managers may reach alternative agreements with individual employees.

On-Call – Being available After-Hours with a response time within 15 minutes of the initial notification and being within a 30 mile driving distance of the University in case on-site support is required. After-hours duty means work beyond the initial call alerting the on-call staff to a possible problem. This includes work done while connected remotely from home or other locations, travel time to campus, and work done on campus.

Hours worked are cumulative for the week. For these purposes, an on-call week is from Friday midnight to Friday midnight.

Incident – Defined as the failure of a critical system, network device, application, database, hardware device, etc. which negatively impacts the stability, security or availability of an information technology service.

Critical System – Any system that provides IT Services to a large number of WSU students, faculty or staff.


In an effort to provide improved support for systems campus-wide, we are implementing the following policy for after-hours support for critical systems. IT Division management will determine which positions require on-call responsibilities.

After-hours Coverage
Coverage of after-hours support will be done on a weekly rotation basis. This allows for a fair balance of on-call duties, and continuity for outage coordination during the week.

Operations Holiday Coverage (i.e., Virtual Operations)
Data Center operations on official university holidays (as described in PPM 3-39) will be provided by on-call Data Center Operations staff. The coverage will rotate by holiday. The on-call Data Center Operations staff will carry the Operations cell-phone and respond to system alerts. The on-call Data Center Operator will be compensated for their time on-call.

Alerts and Incidents
On-call personnel will be alerted to outages requiring their attention by the Data Center Operations Desk. Once a problem is suspected to be related to the area of responsibility covered by an on-call staff member, the on-call person is notified. This notification can be a phone call or text message.

The on-call person has 15 minutes to respond to the initial notification. If they are not immediately accessible via cell phone, the Operations Desk will attempt to notify the on-call person via home phone. Failure to respond within 15 minutes on three separate occasions times will result in the employee entering the discipline and corrective action process.

Employee Responsibilities
The on-call person is responsible for coordination of effort or resolution of the precipitating event. To do so they will be required to have immediate access to a computer, telephone, and Internet connection. They will also be required to be within 30 miles driving distance of the University in case on-site support is required. If they are unable to resolve the problem within a reasonable time frame, the on-call person is responsible for contacting vendors and/or co-workers for assistance.

IT Division Responsibilities
IT may provide cell phone, home Internet connection access, VPN and a computer enabling the person to respond to calls. The value of the on-call compensation and Internet connection access plan will be reviewed and approved by the Director and Vice President annually. Roles will be reviewed annually by the Director.

On-call Duty Trading
Trading of on-call duty shifts is allowed, with approval from the immediate manager.

The on-call person will maintain a log documenting any problems and resolutions.

As the work and activities of the employees under these procedures is performed at times and under conditions dictated by the problems and system conditions that arise, this work and activity is not to be considered part of the “Flexible hours” constituting a professional employee’s work week as described in WSU Policy 3-2.

Staff that participate in the on-call rotation and/or provide off-hours emergency response will be entitled to compensation on the following scale:

On-call and Incident Pay: $2,400 per year for those expected to be on-call for 1 week per month, or $5,000 per year for those expected to be on-call for 2 or more weeks per month, as determined by the Director.
Operations Holiday Coverage Staff shall receive $45.00 per day while on-call.

Payment will be made as supplemental pay on semi-monthly paychecks.

If an IT Division staff person is not on-call, but is requested to assist after hours with an unexpected problem, and that staff person is able and willing to assist, s/he may be compensated for work performed, at the Director’s discretion.

Cell Phone & Internet Access Reimbursement: IT Division will provide reimbursement toward cell phone service and home Internet access to facilitate their availability and access while on-call. See IT Division Cell Phone & Home Internet Procedure.

Each department will work out means by which hours worked will be logged and reported. In addition, Operators will log calls made to the on-call person.



Policy Number:  2009-2
Author:  Ted McGrath, Jean Fruth, Andy Chen, Bret Ellis
Date Approved:  11/09/11