Home Use of University Equipment

Part of our stewardship (and a requirement by law) is to keep track of all the items purchased by the IT Division.  Every year we complete inventory reports for WSU Property Control that require us to locate and report the location of all major items.

To facilitate completion of the Property Control inventory report and to insure that appropriate information is always at hand, there are new forms to fill out when you take a computer home. There are two forms:  (1) for when an item is taken off site and (2) for when the item is returned.

The first of these, Inventory Off-Site Form.doc, is found in the Box ITD Documents Folder. If you have a computer or other WSU property at home please complete this form, print it out, have it signed, and send it to the IT Business Office, Mail Code 1005. We will then make a copy for you and a copy for our inventory records. The original will be filed in your personnel folder.

When you return the item please fill out and return the second form, Inventory Return Form.doc, which is found in the same Box folder.

In the future, all personnel that take a computer or other equipment home will be required to follow this same process.  Thank you for your cooperation.