IT Division Wellness Program

In December 2002, IT Council approved an official IT Division Wellness Program.  To participate, division employees must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a "Wellness Program" participant.

  • Be a WSU employee. Release time will be prorated based on total hours worked per week.

  • Limit "in-load" wellness activity to three hours a week (not to exceed 1 hour a day), or 35 minutes a day.

  • Limit activities to those that can take place on campus (gym, trails, tennis courts, DEC, Stadium, etc.) See the page linked at left for a list of activities to choose from.

  • Sign the consent form (see link at left).

  • Not abuse the privilege.  If the privilege is abused, supervisors may, at their discretion impose the following:

    > 1st incident - one month suspension of the privilege.

    > 2nd incident - three month suspension of the privilege.

    > 3rd incident - six month suspension (minimum) of the privilege.

  • Supervisors have the discretion to approve alternative wellness programs for staff with physical or other limitations. Supervisors can request that staff work out a wellness schedule with them, or suspend the privilege depending on the workload.