Dr. Bret Ellis - Bio


PhD., Information Systems, Brigham Young University, 1990
M.S., Administrative Systems, Utah State University, 1985
B.S., Administrative Systems, Utah State University, 1983

Experience & Accomplishments

Vice President for Information Technology (2009-present)

  • Led annual strategic activities to enhance communication inside and outside the IT Division (Zapp! the Lightning of Empowerment) during the 2009-10 academic year
  • Fostered the slogan "If it's broken, fix it, If it isn't broken, improve it."  This encouraged active process improvement and transparency. (2009-10)
  • Launched a framework entitled "Tell Us about IT" to better understand how the IT Division was doing at meeting the needs of our university partners. (2010-11)
  • Led annual strategic activities to recognize employee accomplishments and contributions inside and outside of the IT Division (Whale Done!: The Power of Positive Relationships) during the 2010-11
  • Led the focus on fundamental  of project management, professional development, change management, assessment, service catalog and academic technology
  • Established the Portfolio and Project Management Office and assisted in the development of several portfolios focused on Academics, Student and Administrative products and applications.
  • Led the development of the Division Strategic Plan for 2011-15.  This plan supports the core themes of the University and provides direction to financial, tactical, and other resource requests.
  • Reorganized the IT Division to give focus on the educational mission of the university and to improve coordination and communication inside and outside of the IT Division (2011)
  • Launched an aggressive enterprise software overhaul and movement to the cloud by adopting Microsoft Active Directory, Google Apps for Education, Box for Cloud storage, Argos for enterprise reporting, and campus wide access to Adobe products through Adobe Creative Cloud (2012-13)
Dean, School of Computing (2004-2009)
  • Selected by the new university president at BYU-Hawaii to assist in the redesign of the university organization and to align the academic, student life, leadership, work and support processes with the directives given him by the Board of Education.
  • Assisted in the creation of a new academic year which will increase the number of student credit hours produced each year thus increasing the return on investment.
  • Led the school in the design and development of task-based learning in on-line courses.
  • Consultant for developing technology grants for minority populations in Hawaii.
Chief Information Officer/Chief Security Officer (1997-2004)
  • Responsible for the design and implementation of several web-based projects which reduced the number of student lines and student complaints, and improving the satisfaction of students, faculty, and staff.
  • For seven years, successfully managed a multi-million dollar budget, with eight organizations and over forty full-time employees.
  • Oversaw multidisciplinary teams in several campus-wide projects.
  • Managed a data center building project from concept to operation which significantly increased up- time, and reduced customer frustrations.
  • Formulated, wrote, and implemented new policies, procedure, and training to comply with numerous compliance mandates such as FERPA, HIPPA, PCI and SOX.
  • Using faculty/student participation developed and funded a model for media-rich teaching classrooms. 
 Member of the Brigham Young University- Hawaii President’s Council (1997-2004)
  • Assisted the University President in the design, development and presentation of numerous successful presentations to the executive committee of the board of directors which received approval and funding for university projects.
  • Key in annual university resource and budget planning process by meeting with schools and departments. Assisted in the creation of annual budgets for operations and capital projects which I helped present to the board.
  • Led in the creation of the project management office and university-wide project management to assist the university strategic project development, support and implementation.
  • Assisted Human Resources in planning and implementing university wide “soft skills” and technology training.
  • Regularly met with various student organizations to help facilitate the accomplishment of their goals through technology support.
  • Participated in university policy creation, merit awards and disciplinary actions.


Weber State University, Vice President for Information Technology  (2009-Present)

Brigham Young University – Hawaii, Dean / Professor, School of Computing  (2004-2009)
  • Created and obtained funding for an endowment for the Computer Science department and a Dean’s Discretionary Fund for various student projects from the Dean’s office.
  • Developed a prototype program for purchasing and then renting textbooks to students with the goal of ensuring that every student could have a textbook. This was part of the Dean’s Discretionary programs.
  • Developed and taught three on-line/hybrid task based courses, using Blackboard, including CIS 100- Introduction to Information Systems and IT 481 Information Assurance and Security. In fall, 2008, these courses became available to BYU-Hawaii students in Asia and the Pacific.
  • Led in a process review and redesign of processes to allow students to more quickly move through the educational process.
Brigham Young University – Hawaii, Chief Information Officer/Chief Security Officer  (1997-2004)
  • Organized and led eight organizations, Administrative Computing, Academic Computing, Web Services, Project Management, Computer Support and Call Center, Media Services, Network Services, and the Academic Library.
  • Using business process reengineering techniques, led in the review of university processes to improve and focus on excellent student-oriented processes.
  • Established Enterprise Project Management Office. This created a communication and planning mechanism to anticipate budget and timeline requirements in future years, it ensured that projects were well designed with user input and coordinated with other university entities.
  • Regular attendee and participant at conferences such as Educause, Ed-Media, ISECON, and various ERP conferences for Datatel and PeopleSoft.
  • Established information security charter, policies, processes and training for campus users.
  • Secured board and financial support then led preparation of ERP migration. Finalists included Datatel, PeopleSoft, and SunGard Banner.
  • Using the ITIL and COBIT frameworks, created policies, and processes using “best practices” and training to ensure government compliance and outstanding customer satisfaction.
  • Prepared the university personnel and updated resources for an uneventful Y2K. Preparation for the Y2K event led the creation of an important business continuity planning document and process.
  • Developed councils such as Information Technology Policy Committee (ITPC) and Information Technology Requirements Committee (ITRC) to provide input to policy and better understand the user’s needs from all areas of campus.
  • Developed cooperative agreements with BYU-Provo, BYU-Idaho and LDS Business College for sharing computing resources, licenses and “best practices”.
  • Instituted agreements with University of Hawaii for participation in the Internet 2 network to support application and research at the BYUH campus.
  • Transformed telephone operations into a Call Center which handled operator and helpdesk functions,
  • Standardized university computing resources to facilitate training, support and budget projections.
Brigham Young University – Hawaii, Chair/Professor   (1986-1997)
  • Established and directed academic computing and academic computing labs.
Consultant/Presenter/Author, Mitchell/McGraw-Hill  (1986-)
  • Consultant to several businesses in Honolulu, Laie, and Kauai.
  • Presenter/trainer at numerous national colleges and universities on various computing topics.
  • Authored two books for Mitchell/McGraw-Hill.