The Staff Digital Development Series is Picking Up Momentum

June 20, 2023

The Staff Digital Development Series started from a brainstorming session with the Digital Fluency Professional Committee, a committee focused on providing educational experiences to staff so that they may be digitally agile. From there the IT Training team made the idea a reality. Employees around across campus volunteered their talents and shared their experiences to teach and develop their staff peers.

Of the 12 classes that have occurred so far, we have trained on topics such as Adobe Creative Cloud, training, team culture, accessibility, communication, Google Suites and Zoom. Thus far, nearly 10% of all exempt and non-exempt staff have attended either in person or virtually. Staff have ranked these classes over 4 stars, 90 percent found that the information they learned can be used in their job roles and 89 percent of the participants learned where they could find more resources and information on the topics below. 

The anonymous feedback has also been very positive. “I'm excited about this whole series and feel it is much needed and hope many take advantage of the meetings that will help them most.” Another staff member said, “The overview of training was excellent - it refreshed some concepts I was familiar with and gave me new insights on training that will help me enhance the way I try to "develop" WSU employees.”

The Staff Digital Development Series is nearing the halfway point, so there is still time to sign up for more staff-focused digital fluency classes. Upcoming classes include:

  • Cloud Storage Best Practices June 20 at 10 

  • How to Get the Results You Want with Survey Tools June 21 at 1

  • How to Get the Results You Want Through Screen Cloud June 22 at 1

  • How Linkedin Learning Can Support Your Career June 23 at 11

  • Virtual Reality Drop-in June 26 from noon to 2

  • Workflows Using Acrobat Sign June 27 at 10

  • Podcast Studio Drop-In June 28 from 10 to 1

  • Developing Leadership Skills for Effective Team Management in a Hybrid University Environment  June 29 at 1

  • How to Create Videos in Adobe Rush on July 10 at 1

  • Communication on Campus July 11 at 11

  • How to Utilize WSU Branding in Adobe Express July 12 at 11

  • How to Make the Most of your Department’s Social Media July 13 at 11

  • How to Incorporate Technology for Your Wellbeing July 17 at 11

  • How to Create Effective Infographics with Your Department’s Data July 18 at 10

  • Indesign Styles and Structures July 19 at 10

  • Data Literacy to Drive Impact on Student Success July 20 at 2

To register for these learning opportunities log into Bridge. We hope to see you soon!


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