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Proposal Questions 


The following information will be required to complete your ISS proposal:    

  • Name, email, professional title, organization, bio and phone number of each presenter. For performance groups with more than 4 members, please provide personal information for the main contact, and then the group as a whole (individual names/contacts and bios not required). 
    • ISS planners value diversity, and want to ensure all voices are heard. Does your presentation bring diversity to the ISS? Check all that apply: 
      • Ethnic Diversity
      • Gender Diversity 
      • Presenters are typically underrepresented
      • None 
      • Other 
  • Have any of the people listed presented at the ISS in the last two years? (Note, speakers may present multiple times if content provides participants new/updated information.)  
  • Speaker Qualifications: Tell us about your previous speaking/performing experience. If you have links to videos or other online material, please include.
  • Session format (check all that apply): single/duo presentation, panel presentation, art performance, or visual art.  
  • Session length (check all that may apply): 50 minute, half day workshop, full day workshop, Art performance, or other 
  • Will presenters be available on Thursday, March 21, and/or Friday, March 22, 2024 to present? 
  • Select all tag(s) that apply to your presentation, or use the "other" category if your topic falls outside of the themes below. Tags inspired by Drawdown
    • Clean Energy 
    • Food, Ag / Land Use 
    • Industry / Materials 
    • Transportation 
    • Buildings 
    • Health 
    • Carbon Sinks (Land, Ocean, Engineered) 
    • Policy
    • Water
    • Air Quality
    • Social / Environmental Justice 
    • Engagement / Communication / Education 
    • Self-Care / Professional Development 
  • Session title. Please make titles short and concise (under 50 characters) 
  • Session description (describe in 200 words or less)
  • What is the main take away from your presentation? 
  • Does your session include an experiential or interactive component?
  • How do you plan to engage participants in your session? Does your plan go beyond Q & A? 
  • In addition to your primary presentation, are you interested in hosting a networking session? Networking sessions are being developed. They will provide a space for people to follow their curiosity and make small group connections.    
  • Are you willing to co-present if another presenter has submitted a related topic?   
  • Are you willing to promote your session, or the ISS as a whole? 
  • Is there anything else you would like the ISS selection committee to know that we have not asked about?   

Presenters will receive a free registration for the main day of events, Thursday, March 21, 2024.

Submit your proposal by Friday, October 27, 2023.