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Become a Sustainability Super Champion and Save the World! 


Join the Workshop

Friday, March 18, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. 

Image of Book CoverPresented by Viridescent, LLC featuring: 

Chance Thompson, Co-Founder / The Designer 🐺
Karla Garcia, Co-Founder / The Researcher 🦉
Sean Nickerson, Co-Founder / The Architect 🐜
Jake McMillanCo-Founder / The Creator ⚡

Welcome to the #VIRIVERSE ♾, where YOUR story as a change-making hero comes to life.

In this "ORIGIN" series workshop, our sustainability mentors will help you crack the code for weaving purpose and prosperity, and YOU will be given the key to saving the world and experiencing its beauty all at once. Let's break through the status quo.

We will be riding the #VIRIVERSE ♾ SLED Framework, sledding to a more sustainable way of making an impact on the world. Also... sledding is super fun, and we all need a bit more of that in our lives right now 🙃.

Participants will get an immersive experience by participating in this live session. Should participants want to continue their change-making adventure and build their complete sustainability alter-ego with VIRIDESCENT, they can provide their email address to stay plugged in.

Focus Areas

  • S - Storytelling: We'll help you drive support for your work & impact by inspiring others with your change-making adventure.
  • L - Life Balance: We believe in a new way of working, where health, impact, happiness, and financial stability measure success.
  • E - Emotional Intelligence: Learn to lead and follow through regenerative leadership principles and practices.
  • D - Design & Systems thinking: Think big, act small, as we work together to evolve capitalism into a circular economy. 

Prep Resources and Instructions

Please read these prep materials to ensure you have the best workshop experience possible.