Voluntary Separation Incentive Program (VSIP) Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be forced to apply for this program?

  • Applying for separation under this program is strictly a voluntary action on the part of an employee.  Individual employees shall not be forced or coerced in any way to volunteer for this voluntary separation program. 

As a supervisor, am I allowed to approach my employees about applying for
the Voluntary Separation Incentive Program?

  • No. As a supervisor, you are asked not to encourage, persuade or coerce any employee to enroll in this program. Please, refer inquiries to the Human Resources office.

Who will make the final decision on whether I will be accepted for this program?

  • Employee participation in this temporary incentive program is not an entitlement. Participation decisions for this temporary incentive program are at the sole discretion of the University’s Vice Presidents/Provost.

If I take this incentive, can I ever come back to work for WSU?

  • If you are NOT a participant of the Early Retirement Program, you can apply for a salaried position at the University three years after your termination date.
  • If you ARE a participant of the Early Retirement Program, you may be able to work as an adjunct faculty or on an hourly basis but cannot be reinstated at the university in a salaried position without personal approval of the president.

How do I apply for the Early Retirement Program?

  • Information about the Early Retirement Program can be found in PPM 3-41. For specific questions and more information, including an application, please contact Bethany Rasmussen (bethanyrasmussen@weber.edu or *7230). Early Retirement approval is considered separately from the VSIP program.

Where can I find the separation agreement?

  • The separation agreement was emailed to all eligible individuals on August 16, 2021 along with additional details of the program. You can also find the separation agreement at the following link: 

How will taking advantage of the VSIP and/or the Early Retirement Program impact my retirement with Utah Retirement Systems?

  • Because every individual's circumstances will be different, we advise you to contact a URS retirement counselor at  801-366-7770 before applying for the program/s. They will help guide you in making your decision. This will ensure you fully understand how your retirement will be affected. 

Will my VSIP separation payment be taxed?

  • Yes, your VSIP separation payment will be subject to federal withholding taxes and other deductions the University is required by law to make from wage payments. 

What is the process for approval?

  • Individuals will submit an application to be considered for approval by October 1, 2021 at 5pm.
  • Vice Presidents will review the applications with directors, deans, and/or department chairs as applicable to determine whether and how this would support the financial goals and/or create financially strategic opportunities for the University, division or department. 
  • HR will be notified of the decision.
  • Individuals will be notified of their approval or denial by October 15, 2021. 
    • Individuals separating will discuss proposed date of separation to ensure it is mutually agreed upon.
    • All parties must sign the agreement and release. After signing the agreement, individuals will have an additional 7 days to rescind the agreement.

When will I receive my separation incentive payment?

  • The payment will be made with the last regular paycheck as an active employee following the separation date.

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