Job Evaluation Process

Job evaluations help provide salary equity among staff positions. After a position is evaluated, it is assigned an appropriate grade and corresponding salary range. The process is used for evaluation of new positions and reevaluation of existing positions. The evaluation process identifies, analyzes and measures a position against job-related criteria and weighs their value in a uniform and consistent manner.

A job evaluation is performed on all new jobs and on existing jobs that have changed significantly. A supervisor may request job evaluation for: 1) a new or existing position before recruitment begins; and 2) when the job duties and responsibilities of an existing position have changed significantly. An audit of an existing position requires approval from the appropriate vice-president.

The supervisor of the position creates or updates the position description in the PeopleAdmin system.

  • The job description should be an accurate reflection of the current duties, responsibilities and minimum qualifications.
  • The job description is not a reflection of the skills, abilities and performance of the incumbent.
  • It is important that the information in the job description is as complete as possible

Human Resources reviews the position description after it has been approved by the supervisor. This review helps ensure consistency and equity of position descriptions and titles. The position description may be edited by HR for clarity and format. The evaluation will determine the appropriate grade level and exemption status.


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