Non-Exempt Job Evaluation Process

The purpose of the job evaluation process is to properly rank positions within a pay plan. The process is used for evaluation of new positions and reevaluation of existing positions.
The evaluation process identifies, analyzes and measures a position against set criteria and weighs their relative value in a uniform and consistent manner.

A job evaluation is done on all new positions and on existing positions that have significantly changed in responsibility and content. A supervisor may request a job evaluation from the Human Resources Department for: 1) a new position before recruiting begins; or 2) when it is felt an existing job has changed.
Note:  Approval from the vice-president should be obtained before the evaluation process starts.


    (STEP 1 - WRITING) The employee and/or supervisor edits or writes the position description in the People Tracker system. Follow these instructions:
    1. Under Position Description in the People Tracker system, select Begin New Action
    2. Under Audit and Existing Position, select Start Action
    3. Use the search feature to find either your position or the employee you supervise and select Start Action under the name
    4. Fill in as much information as you can under each of the tabs using the Continue to Next Page button, tabs that are especially important are Position Details, Proposed Job Duties, Context and Environment
    5. After you have completed the tabs you can send it on to Hiring Manager/Supervisor or Send to Vice President which ever is appropriate (make sure your Vice President knows this is coming they do not like surprises
    6. After thee VP has approved it will come to HR for review, grading and final approval.
  • The job description is a "snapshot" of the job as it exists.
  • It should reflect the current duties, responsibilities and minimum qualifications needed for the position.
  • A job evaluation does not reflect the person in the job or the performance of the incumbent.
(STEP 2 - APPROVAL) Human Resources reviews the position description which has been submitted. Human Resources helps ensure consistency and equity, in position descriptions and titles, by editing them for clarity and format.
(STEP 3 - EVALUATION) The job description is evaluated by the Human Resources Department, using a point-factor system, to determine the appropriate grade level. New positions are then saved and approved. The existing position, if found to warrant a different grade, is changed to the new grade.

            Vice President:

  •     Authorizes job audits and increases.


  •    Writes the job description in collaboration with the supervisor.


  •     Reviews, approves, and signs the job description.

            Human Resources:

  • Ensures consistency in job descriptions and titles. Reports the job evaluation outcome to the appropriate vice president and supervisor.

For additional information please contact the HR Benefits, Compensation Manager in the Human Resources Department (Ext. 6648).