Frequently Asked Questions

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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Employment Verification

  • Who do I call for Employment Verification at WSU?
    • Call the WSU Payroll department at: (801) 626-6031

Employment Processing for Salaried and Non-Student Hourly

  • If I need to fill a position in my department what do I do?

Salaried Position


New Position

Existing Positions to Replace Former Employees


1. Create a position description in PeopleTracker. Be sure to complete the information on all the tabs. Submit it to HR for a position number and grading. Once the position is approved you will receive an email prompting you to create a requisition. If you have questions, please contact Human Resources at ext. x6034.


2. Create the requisition from the approved position description. Search by the new position number you were given from Human Resources.  Make sure to designate which documents you will require applicants to attach (resume, cover letter, references, etc.).


3. Once you are finished creating the requisition, submit it to Human Resources for review.


1. Review the existing position description in PeopleTracker and update if necessary.


2. Create the requisition from the approved position description.  Make sure to designate which documents you will require applicants to attach (resume, cover letter, references, etc.).


3. Once you are finished creating the requisition, submit it to Human Resources for review.


1. Create a requisition in PeopleTracker and submit it to Human Resources.  Make sure to include an hourly wage and designate which documents you will require applicants to attach (resume, cover letter, references, etc.). 


If this is a position you fill frequently, contact Human Resources for information about creating a template or pooled position.

  • How do I advertise a job posting?
    • When you create the requisition, indicate where you would like the position advertised and an index (cost code) where the advertising should be charged.  Consider where your best candidates for the position are likely to be looking. HR will post the advertisement(s) for you.

Advisement/Training/Support for Search committees

  • Once I’ve set up a search committee, what’s next?
    • Contact HR and invite a representative to meet with your committee to review the hiring process, explain the committee’s responsibility, and provide an overview of the online employment site and Applicant Rating System (ARS).
  • I don’t have time to learn new software. How much technical support can I expect?
    • HR will provide as much or as little technical support for both ARS and the employment site as you need.

Employee Exit Processing

  • If my employee informs me they are planning to leave WSU, what should I do?
    • Prepare and forward a separation ePAR to Payroll as soon as possible. Put the number of vacation hours they will use prior to their last day in “Remarks”.
  • If I am planning on leaving WSU, what steps do I have to take?
    • Notify your supervisor as soon as possible.  Let them know how much vacation time you will use prior to your last day and ask them to notify Payroll to avoid overpayment. When your supervisor creates the ePAR to notify Payroll, an email to the employee is automatically generated that will guide you through the checkout process.  You will be asked to return your p-card, keys, insurance cards, Wildcard, EdPass, parking permit, and any other WSU property before you leave WSU.

Name Change

Maintenance of Personnel Files

  • Can I review my personnel file?
    • Yes.  Your personnel file is available for your review during regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.). The file must be reviewed in the HR office and the contents cannot be removed, but HR will provide a quiet place for you to review the file and will make copies of the contents upon request.
  • Who else can review my personnel file?
    • HR, Payroll, EO/AA, and Legal Counsel have authority to review the contents of your file when necessary.  Also, your supervisor, his or her immediate supervisor, and so on up the line of authority to the President may review your file.

Employee Assistance-VSL/Benevolence Fund

  • If I (or a family member) have a medical issue that will take me away from the office for an extended period of time and I don’t have enough vacation/sick leave to cover the time away, where can I turn to for help?
    • Voluntary Shared Leave (VSL) allows one employee to assist another classified or professional employee in the case of a prolonged medical condition which exhausts the receiving employee’s available leave.  An employee can donate vacation leave directly to another employee’s sick leave balance or to a general pool. See PPM 3-21C. Individuals request VSL pool hours by completing the forms found at Requests are reviewed by a standing committee that consists of two professional staff and two classified staff and an ex-officio from HR.
  • A catastrophic event has occurred in my personal life and I don’t have the funds to cover the damages/expenses.  Is there employee assistance available?
    • Employees in good standing with a minimum employment of three years and contracts of .75 FTE or greater who have experienced a catastrophic event may request monies from the WSU Benevolent Fund.  A committee will review the request and determine if the event qualifies and the amount to be awarded.  The monies will not be paid to the employee, but rather to the hospital, airline, etc. One employee may act as an advocate for another in initiating the process and an employee may only receive assistance one time within a five year time period.


  • Does HR provide assistance with immigration issues?
    • HR works closely with Legal Counsel and a local immigration attorney to provide assistance with immigration issues.

Policy interpretation

  • Is the WSU Policies and Procedures manual available to the public?
    • Yes.  Go to
  • I’ve checked the PPM and still have questions.  Who should I ask?
    • Start with HR.  If we feel another department is better able to answer your questions, we will refer you.

Tuition Benefit Information/Processing

  • What is my tuition benefit?
    • Full-time salaried employees of the University and their spouses may enroll for a maximum of six credit hours per semester or the twelve week Summer Term in credit programs without payment of regular tuition or student fees. If the above enrolls for more than six credit hours in any given semester or the twelve week Summer Term he/she must pay as tuition 50% of the difference between the normal tuition for their total hours and the normal tuition for six credit hours. Student fees are waived. Employees and their spouses may participate in this program provided that enrollment in such courses does not interfere with work schedules. Children of full-time salaried employees will have 50% of the normal tuition for their course load waived as an employee benefit. Student fees will not be waived for children. Course fees and lab fees are not waived.
    • Part-time salaried personnel employed at .375 to .75 FTE  may register for six credit hours per semester or the twelve-week Summer Term without payment of tuition or student fees. Tuition paid for enrollment beyond six credit hours will be the difference between normal tuition for total hours and normal tuition for six credit hours. The spouse or children of part-time personnel will not receive tuition waivers as employee benefits. Course fees and lab fees are not waived.
  • Do I get a tuition benefit for masters programs?
    • Yes, but differential tuition fees for graduate courses are not waived.
  • What is the rule on dependents tuition benefits?  Do they have to be dependent?
    • Adopted and/or biological children are eligible until their 31st birthday.  Stepsons and daughters are also eligible until their 31st birthday as longer as there is no legal separation or divorce involved.
    •  For more information on this benefit and tax implications, refer to PPM 3-42.
  • Do I need to renew my tuition benefits each semester?
    • Faculty/Staff:
      • In order for the employee to activate the tuition benefit for a spouse and/or dependents, the employee must bring verification information (i.e. birth certificate, marriage license) to Human Resources. Once the dependent/spouse is verified, the employee must activate the benefits for their spouse, dependent, and self in the Tuition Benefits Activator each semester.
      • Adjunct:
        • In order for adjunct employees to receive the tuition benefit, they must be the primary instructor of their course and there must be students enrolled in the class they are teaching.
        • It is a one-to-one benefit up to six credit hours (i.e., if you teach 3 credit hours you receive 3 credit hours of tuition benefit) .
        • Benefit is only available for the employee and during the semester in which they are teaching.
        • To activate the benefit, adjuncts must wait until the third week of the semester to verify student enrollment in the course they are teaching and verify online via the Tuition Activator on the eWeber portal.
      • Clinical Employees:
        • Tuition benefits for clinical employees must be renewed each semester by their department secretary/staff.
  • What is the rule on dependents tuition benefits?  Do they have to be dependent?
    • Sons and daughters and, where there is no legal separation or divorce involved, stepsons and stepdaughters are eligible to their 31st birthday.
    • For more information, refer to PPM 3-42.

Supervisor Changes

  • If there is a supervisor change in my department, what should I do?
    • Make sure that your department has generated a Supervisory Change PAR and send it to HR for processing.

Status Changes

  • If I’ve been promoted from classified to professional/faculty, do my benefits change?
    • Yes, you have a one-time opportunity to change from the state (URS) retirement system to TIAA-CREF.  Check with HR for more information within 30 days from promotion date.


  • When can I change my insurance plan?
    • You can make changes to your insurance plan during the Open Enrollment period in April each year or if you experience a qualifying event.  Qualifying events include the following: you or your spouse lose other insurance coverage; you get married or divorced; you adopt or have a baby, your employment status changes (full-time to half-time or vice versa); there is a death in your covered family.
  • When can I change the amount of my payroll deduction to my 403(b), 401(k), or 457(b)?
    • You can make changes to these supplemental retirement accounts any time throughout the year. IRS limits change every calendar year so January has been a very logical time to make a change. Check with HR for details about the different supplemental retirement options.
    • At what age is a dependent dropped from an employee’s insurance plan?
      • Dependents will be dropped from insurance at midnight on their 26th birthday (up and through 25 years) Note: If your dependent meets the above criteria please come into our office and complete an insurance change form to make this change.

Early Retirement

  • What is the early retirement program?
    • This program is offered by the University to allow eligible employees an opportunity to retire from the University and keep their benefits for a period of time in order to reach Medicare. For full details see PPM 3-41.     
  • Am I eligible for early retirement?
    • If you have 15 years of service and are within 10 years of your Social Security full retirement age, you are eligible to apply for this program.
  • How do I apply for early retirement?
    • Visit Travis Hampshire in MA 111 and ask for the application.  He will explain the program in detail and giver you an estimate of what you should expect from this program. 

Job Descriptions/Audits

  • When is a job audit appropriate? 
    • If the duties and responsibilities of your job have changed dramatically (at least 20% difference) from when you were hired, a job audit may be appropriate.
  • How do I request a job audit?
    • First, update your job description. Then ask your supervisor to review and approve the changes. Finally, the request to have your job audited must be made by your supervisor and receive approval from your divisions Vice President, the Provost, or the President. 
  • How do I update my job description?
    • Log in to PeopleTracker via the eWeber portal, click on "Begin New Action" under the  Position Description section, click on "Modify Existing Position Description," search for your name and then click on "Start Action."  If you need assistance, please call Human Resources at extension 6032.

FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act)

  • What is FMLA and why would I apply?
    • FMLA is a federally mandated act that was created to protect employees who have to be off work for more than three consecutive days or intermittently for the same condition for either themselves, their legal spouse, their parent, or one of their children. This act is meant to protect the individual’s job and benefits while out on FMLA leave.
  • I have enough sick/vacation leave, why do I need FMLA?
    • FMLA guarantees reinstatement to your job or a similar position, it also protects you from negative performance evaluations due to absences protected by FMLA leave.
  • Do I need to use sick/vacation leave when using FMLA?
    • WSU policy 3-29a, section III-B states that the employee must use their accrued vacation and sick leave while on FMLA leave.
  • Who do I call for help on FMLA?
    • Call Travis Hampshire, ext. 6648, in HR with questions about FMLA.

Who is eligible for the ED Pass?