New Salary Grade Structure and Grading Process
for Non-Exempt and Exempt Staff
(Spring 2015)

Why is the university changing the salary grade structure and grading process? (If it wasn’t broke, why fix it?)

After almost 20 years of using the same structure/process, it was outdated. We worked with a consultant to create a structure that uses salary comparisons from beyond higher education, when possible. Beneficial outcomes of this process include:
Fewer grades + wider salary ranges = more flexibility
Formal administrative guidelines that ensure pay is administered consistently across the university

How did Human Resources determine my new position grade?

One of two methods was used to determine your new position grade:
Your job was a benchmark job OR
Your job was graded using the new job valuation tool.
Benchmark job: A brief, generic version of a job description used to help employers match comparable jobs throughout a particular recruiting market. Benchmark descriptions provide general details regarding the role, level of responsibility and qualifications for the job.
Job valuation tool: A method used to assess a job’s value when no benchmark job is available.  The tool compares the job’s value relative to a benchmark job, taking into consideration the following factors:
Scope of responsibilities
Job impact
Required knowledge

View Exempt and Non-Exempt Pay Scales.