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Housing & Residence Life aims to meet your student's needs. With the best environment available your student will excel at Weber State University. Housing & Residence Life provides:

Looking for your perfect match? No worries!

A huge factor in how good your student's college experience will be is the type of roommates your student has. Be confident that Housing & Residence Life will help your student get matched to roommates with similar interests and traits. Housing & Residence Life matches on many different criteria. Some of the criteria are listed below:

  • Roommate request
  • Lifestyle - ie. night owl, early bird, quiet
  • Degree / Field of Study
  • Personal Interests
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Class year

When filling out a housing contract, applicants can specify whatever criteria they want their roommates to fit. We do our best to match you with the perfect roommate, but we cannot guarantee a flawless roommate experience.

Roommate hasn't paid up? No worries!

Weber State Housing provides individual lease liability. If your roommate skips out on rent, you are not liable for his/her rental payment. Sleep well by knowing there will be no unexpected rental payments to make up the difference.

To find out more details about individual lease liability call our office at 801.626.7275.

On Call Staff

We have twenty-four-hour on call staff. There is always a Resident Assistant and professional staff member on call to assist in any emergency that may arise in your students stay at Weber State Housing. Roommate mediation, conflict resolution, and emergency resolution are all part of what the Resident Assistants are trained to handle.

Live, Learn, Grow Program

Enhancing the student experience

We believe that our responsibility extends beyond just providing beds for our residents. We are focused on supporting young people during a key stage of their development and creating environments where students can live, learn and grow.

Weber State Housing offers a unique three-pronged resident life framework that can be customized to suit the needs and demographics of individual communities. This allows us to cater to a range of preferences, interests and backgrounds, and encourage interaction between all members of the community.


We facilitate the creation of a fun, friendly, diverse community through social events, sporting and recreational activities and community development programs. Events may include:

  • Pancake breakfasts
  • Sporting competitions
  • Movie nights
  • Theme parties


We support academic success through:

  • Study groups
  • Seminars on study skills
  • Purpose built study spaces

Personal Development and Growth

We encourage residents’ personal growth and transition to independence with a focus on developing life skills, cultural awareness, social conscience, personal development and pastoral care. Examples include:

  • Classes on cooking and cleaning
  • Resume writing workshops
  • International food festivals
  • Guest speakers
  • Involvement with local charities