Departmental Honors Overview


Departmental Honors recognizes and rewards the best students in a major. While each program within a department determines specific characteristics that define disciplinary excellence, the Honors Program urges consideration of the following criteria:

  • A student’s GPA provides the program with a practical way to measure academic excellence. 
  • Other evidence may include a high grade on the senior capstone or on a required research project.


  • Often programs require that students present at a departmental or college-wide colloquia, an undergraduate conference, or some other discipline-specific regional or national meeting. 


  • Our best students contribute to the community through service and/or civic participation. Programs usually require between 25 to 40 hours of community service.

The Honors Program and each program within a department work out criteria together so that students have a contract of stated requirements. This contract is made available to students when they first declare their major. Students can then work towards completion of the Honors expectations while they also complete requirements in the major. Visit the Advisors & Contracts page for more information. For more information about Departmental Honors, contact Heather Chapman, Director of Departmental Honors, at