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Teaching Options in Honors


1-credit text discussion course: HNRS 2830

Read a good book lately? Listened to impactful lyrics? Watched a cool film or discovered an impactful piece of art? If it would make an interesting discussion course, consider teaching for Honors! These 1-credit Honors courses are light on outside-work, homework, and grading. They meet once a week for 50 minutes. This options is great for students (and faculty) with packed schedules or who are new to Honors and want to try it out in a low-pressure course.

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3-credit course:
HNRS 1100 - 4990

Have a cool idea for a course that you've been dying to teach, but it doesn't quite fit in your department? Want to co-teach with an instructor outside your department or college? Consider teaching a 3-credit Honors course. We cap our courses at 15 students, commonly feature interdisciplinary classes, we favor a seminar-style that is discussion-based. We love outside-the-box topics!

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Eccles Fellowship:
HNRS 3900

The Honors Eccles Fellows Program encourages faculty to work on their scholarship as they teach. You would teach one 3-credit Honors class of your design and receive 6 hours compensation,  3 of which is release time for research. The Fellowship also includes a funding stipend for the class experience. 

This is a competitive process. See link for more details & deadlines. 

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