Join Honors

What are the requirements?

There are 3 different pathways in Honors. Students may choose to pursue one, two, or all three types of Honors. 

What are the benefits?

  • Scholarships;
  • Leadership opportunities;
  • Honors designation on transcript and diploma at graduation;
  • Honors regalia;
  • Become part of the Honors community;
  • Build your resume or CV;
  • Classroom experience:
    • Capped at 15 students per class;
    • Discussion-based courses;
    • Fulfill Gen-Ed or Upper-division courses;
    • Hands-on learning - no busy work;
    • Interesting, cross-disciplinary topics;
    • Highly rated professors. 

How do I apply?

1. Visit the Honors Portal (you can find the portal by search 'Honors' in the eWeber portal
2. Select the Honors that you wish to pursue (Foundation, University, or Departmental)
3. Review the requirements and click the green button at the bottom of the page to enroll.
4. Your advisor will be notified via email that you applied. We also encourage you to contact or meet with the advisor to review requirements.
5. You will be notified once you are enrolled. Make sure to visit the Honors Center in the Library, room #324 to pick up your Honors sticker!

You can view your requirements at any time by viewing your contract, here

How do I decide which Honors is right for me?

This depends on how much time you have remaining before graduation.

A good rule of thumb is: 

1 - 2 semesters left: Consider Departmental Honors
3 - 4 semester left: Consider Foundation and/or Departmental Honors
4 - 8 semesters left: Consider Foundation, Departmental, and/or University Honors

View this flowchart to help you decide which Honors is right for you.