Honors Program Core Competencies

Core competency 1: Self- Reflection

  • Students will develop the capacity to reflect on the person they are, the person they would like to become, and the capacity to move from the former to the latter.

  • Students will develop the capacity to reflect on the experiences and structures that have shaped their views of the world, and to critically evaluate those views. 

Core competency 2: Habits of Inquiry and Lifelong Learning

  • Students will demonstrate comfort with discomfort, by intentionally moving beyond the familiar, learning from failure, shifting paradigms, and embracing ambiguity. 

  • Students will demonstrate cultural literacy through exposure to and engagement with varied systems of knowledge and community organization.

Core competency 3: Research & Scholarship

  • Students will demonstrate competency in interdisciplinary learning, which includes synthesizing knowledge from different disciplines, abstract thinking and conducting research across fields. 

  • Students will demonstrate clarity of written, oral and/or graphic expression.

Core competency 4: Citizenship, Local to Global

  • Students will apply their education to contexts within and beyond the university, demonstrating applied knowledge and problem solving in order to transform institutions and ideologies towards more sustainable and equitable futures.

  • Students will demonstrate an appreciation of diverse perspectives, be able to act with compassion and engage with perspectives other than their own.