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Mission & Ethos

The Honors Program offers a combination of exceptional learning experiences in small classes and innovative seminars; flexible resources for commuter, non-traditional, and underrepresented students; leadership and community engagement activities; interdisciplinary projects and research opportunities; regional and global perspectives. We prioritize formal education, while valuing the importance of lifelong learning and growth.

Mission Statement

The WSU Honors Program is a home for inquisitive students of any discipline, regardless of prior GPA or academic history, looking for unconventional and supportive learning environments. Our mission is to build and maintain an inclusive community of intellectually curious and academically adventurous students, faculty and staff where together we can explore our full intellectual, academic, and cultural potential, and cultivate a lifelong love of learning and civic engagement.

View our eight core competencies here.

Declaración de la Misión

El Programa de Honores de la Universidad Estatal de Weber es un espacio para estudiantes inquisitivos de cualquier disciplina, sin importar su promedio de calificaciones previo o su historial académico, los cuales buscan ambientes de aprendizaje no convencionales y de apoyo académico. Nuestra misión es construir y mantener una comunidad inclusiva de estudiantes, profesores y colaboradores intelectualmente curiosos y académicamente atrevidos. Esto para poder descubrir todo nuestro potencial intelectual, académico y cultural, para cultivar interés por el aprendizaje y el compromiso cívico de por vida.

The Honors Program is built on the following core academic and social values:

Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning

The Honors Program's dedicated, engaged faculty cultivate a love of learning through small, discussion-led classes that encourage thinking beyond disciplinary and thematic boundaries. Classes have examined the work of antiracism; the role of music in social change; physics in theatre; empathy in literature and medicine; to name but a few of our discipline-busting classes.


Access and Inclusivity

The Honors Program is actively working to provide an equitable and supportive environment for all students and to facilitate the development of curricula and events from varied perspectives. Following WSU's Diversity Initivative, we recognize that 'the proper balance between freedom of expression and respect for others is not always apparent or east to achieve,' and 'we must continually challenge ourselves and each other in an atmosphere of mutual concern, good will and respect.

Research and Scholarship

Honors students engage in research within and beyond the classroom, using critical, creative, and interdisciplinary thinking to contribute to existing knowledge. The Honors Program is also a resource for those interested in national and prestigious scholarships for undergraduate and graduate study.

Community Engagement, Learning, and Leadership

Student learning is enhanced by parking theory and practice, which occurs when the classroom and commuinty merge. Engagement with present and pressing challenges in our community prepares students to be the change agents and community leaders of tomorrow -- or even of today.

Environmental, Social, and Economic Sustainability

The environment, social justice, public health, and the economy are but four of the major challenges facing us all. The Honors Program brings such issues and their interdependence into focus, facilitating debate, research, and problem solving to work towards sustainable futures.