Jeffrey Richey


Associate Professor of History

Lindquist Hall, Office 266
Phone: 801-626-6784

Research and Teaching Areas

  • Latin America (Ancient, Colonial, and Modern)
  • Latina/o History
  • Global History
  • Nation-State and National Identity
  • Race and Racial Ideology
  • Soccer and Society


  • BA, Brigham Young University (2005)
  • MA, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2007)
  • PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2013)


  • HIST 1510 World History 1500 C.E. to Present
  • HIST 3050 U.S. Latinos
  • HIST 4410 Spain and Portugal
  • HIST 4510 Twentieth-Century World
  • HIST 4630 Ancient and Colonial Latin America
  • HIST 4650 Modern Latin America
  • HIST 4670 Mexico
  • HIST 4810 Experimental Course: History of Brazil
  • HIST 4810 Experimental Course: Issues in World Soccer
  • HIST 4830 Directed Readings offered to date:
    • National Identity in Twentieth-Century Argentina
    • Guatemalan Civil War: Factors and Consequences
  • HIST 4985 Research Methods
  • HIST 4990 Senior Seminar



Jeffrey Richey specializes in the social and cultural history of modern Latin America. His dissertation, “Playing at Nation: Soccer Competitions, Racial Ideology, and National Integration in Argentina, 1910-1935,” explored the impact of organized soccer and the popular sports press in nation formation and the dissemination of certain racial ideologies in early 20th century Argentina. Broader research interests include sport and society, popular culture, race and racism, national identity, and regionalism.