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Asian Studies Minor

Become an expert in Asian history, culture, geography and more.

What You’ll Learn

Students who speak an Asian language, attended a dual-language-immersion program or are currently learning an Asian language can increase their knowledge in numerous aspects of Asian culture, history and more.

Asian studies minor courses cover:

  • Art and architecture
  • Literature
  • Cultural heritage
  • Geography

You’ll gain first-hand knowledge through social events and opportunities to study abroad. Contact one of the Asian Studies Advisors to discuss study abroad scholarships and opportunities Greg or Youn Soo Kin Goldstein

The Asian Studies Program also supports the Department of Foreign Language’s Japanese minor, oversees courses in the Middle East Track and cooperates with the Bachelor of Integrated Studies program to offer an Asian studies concentration.

What You Can Do

This minor prepares you for graduate studies or to work with diverse populations, locally and internationally, in just about any discipline.

Graduates go on to graduate studies and careers in:

  • International business
  • Health care
  • Information technology
  • Computer science
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Legal studies

Degree Requirements

Minimum of 15 credit hours in history courses  Minimum grade of C in all minor courses (a C- is not accepted) This minor is open to all majors. However, courses taken as part of a student’s major will not count as fulfillment of the minor requirement.

Course Requirements


Declare Your Minor

Contact Jenna Daniels with your W number and the area you desire to minor in.

Jenna Daniels
Administrative Specialist
Lindquist Hall Office 232