We want to acknowledge students that have received undergraduate research grant awards.  These funds will make a lasting difference in the lives of the students.  The students will give formal presentations or displays of their original research at the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium.  Dr. Kathryn MacKay is instrumental in helping students obtain research grant awards.

Holly Rawson          Women's Studies

Adam Rosenberg     The Junction City Big Band

Janice LeFevre        Woods Cross Canning Company, Vital Davis County Industry

Randy Bass            The Bikers at Angelo's Bar

Josh C. Thompson   History of the Unitarian-Universal Church of Ogden

Michael Shepard      History of Asian Indians in Ogden

Joe Jay                   Crossroads of the West

Issac Goeckeritz     Uintah United

Benjamin Wheeler     The Stormy Mountain Boys: An Example of how Bluegrass Provided an Alternative Politically Neutral Music during the Vietnam Era



Hill Aerospace Museum

Hill Aerospace Museum is located on approximately 30 acres on the northwest corner of Hill Air Force Base, Utah, about five miles south of Ogden. The museum was founded in 1981 as a part of the United States Air Force Heritage Program and first opened in 1986. It moved to its current facility in 1991. We hosted our 1 millionth visitor in the spring of 1996 and we annually have around 180,000 visitors, coming from every state and from many foreign countries.


"Mary and I have worked with eight student interns from Weber State University during the course of the year.  These folks have helped in various capacities in the artifacts collection, as well as the research library/archives.  Some were here for a few weeks, while others put in many months, working after their classes or on their days off.  Two of our interns, Kathleen Buck and Carol Permar, have just finished their work with us and will be graduating in December.  Thankfully, a new WSU intern, Tearsa Cannon, started work with us on 16 October in collections management and will be trained in all aspects of handling artifacts and the reams of paperwork that goes along with it."