Grad Finale

Letter to Graduates

Dear Graduate,

As Graduation Day gets closer, we can only imagine the thoughts bubbling through your mind. It's normal to feel emotional, after all, you've come so far to get here. We hope you'll savor the moment when your name is called, and you grab your diploma. Our mission is to supply you with the correct tassel, cap, and gown. Starting March 19, 2021, you will be able to order your regalia. All orders will be shipped to you free of charge. We have a record of your degree, and the correct colored tassel and honor cords, if merited, will be placed in your order. You will see a charge for 1¢ charge when placing your order. Don't worry about it; we have it taken care of. Your order will still be free. Orders that have purchased items on them will be canceled, so if you wish to buy things, do that on a separate order. The deadline for orders to be shipped to you on time is April 16, 2021. If you placed an order for cap and gowns before March 19, 2021, your order will be automatically shipped to you.

WSU Wildcat Stores

Order Your Regalia

Tassel Colors

Engineering, Applied Science & Technology

Applied Science & Technology: Black

Master of Computer Engineering: Orange

Master of Electrical Engineering: Orange

Bachelor of  Computer Engineering: Orange

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering: Orange

Associate of Pre-Engineering: Orange

Arts & Humanities

Arts & Humanities: White

Master of English: White

Master of Professional Communication: Crimson

Business & Economics

Business & Economics: Brown

Master of Business Administration: Brown

Master of Accounting: Brown

Master of Taxation: Brown


Education: Light Blue

Master of Education: Light Blue

Health Professions

Health Professions: Apricot

Master of Nursing: Apricot

Master of Nurse Practitioner: Apricot

Master of Radiology: Apricot

 Master of Respiratory Therapy: Sage Green

Master of Health Administration: Salmon

Bachelor of Health Administrative Services: Salmon

Bachelor of Public Health: Salmon

Master of Athletic Training: Sage Green

Bachelor of Athletic Therapy: Sage Green 


Science: Golden Yellow

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Social & Behavioral Sciences: Cream

Master of Criminal Justice: Citron

Integrated Studies

BIS: Cream

Associate of General Studies

Associate Degrees in General Studies: Purple & White

While caps and gowns are usually distributed during Grad Finale, the spring 2021 event has been canceled due to COVID-19. Check this webpage for updates regarding future Grade Finale events.