Graduation Clearance Instructions using Cattracks

Follow these procedures to submit a graduation sign off (GSO) or final graduation clearance in the 'Advisor Note' tab of Cattracks.

Substitutions and exceptions should not be done in the 'Advisor Note' tab. Please process all substitutions and exceptions in ‘Exceptions Tab’.

Contact Matt Driggs for assistance with substitutions and exceptions.

1. In the ‘Degree Evaluation’ Tab, click the ‘Process New’ box.

a. Verify that your student is declared in the correct Program of Study (POS); i.e., correct degree, major, minor and catalog year. Rules pertaining to catalog year selection and expiration are outlined in PPM 4-2 at:

Current Catalogs available for Bachelor's requirements:







Current Catalogs available for Associate's requirements:




b. Your student’s POS information can be found on the Degree Evaluation in the middle column under ‘Student Information’.

c. If the POS is correct go to step #3. If the POS is incorrect, follow the procedures in step #2 before proceeding to step #3.

2. Update your student’s Program of Study in the SFAREGS form of LYNX INB

· Instructions on how to change a Program of Study are found at:

· NOTE: Changes to the student’s POS will be reflected in CatTracks the following day.

3. Review the Degree Evaluation and determine the graduation date.

NOTE: Depending upon when you review your student, it is possible to have up to three semesters of in-progress courses appear in the Cattracks Degree Evaluation. i.e.; you meet with your student in April 2009 who plans on graduating with an Associate degree in Spring 2009. Your student also plans to continue for a Bachelor degree and is registered for summer 2009 and fall 2009. In order for you to determine if they will meet all Associate degree program requirements for a Spring 2009 graduation, you will need to deduct the summer and fall in-progress courses from the ‘Credits Applied’ total. (In-progress courses are calculated and appear in the ‘Credits Applied’ total). You will also need to check the in-progress boxes marked with a tilde (~) for summer and fall 2009 registration.

a. Verify that all boxes (major, minor, general education, and university requirements) are either marked with a check as complete or are marked with a tilde (~) as an in progress course with registration terms that correspond to the student’s graduation date.

b. Check the “Credits Required” and “Credits Applied” totals located on the first purple bar just under the Legend.

c. Proceed to step #4 if your student completed all program requirements or is registered for any remaining program requirements as outlined in step 3 ‘Note’ and 3 a-b.

4. Enter the ‘GSO’ graduation sign off or clearance.

· Click the ‘Advisor Notes’ tab.

· Click the ‘Add Note’.

· Click the major or minor ‘GSO:’ type from the drop down menu.

· Please enter the requested information within the ‘GSO’ template. It is important that you fill in the requested information within the brackets since the information can be viewed by the student and will remain with the student even if they change majors. You do not need to make separate notes about the General Education or University requirements since all boxes for General Education and University requirements must be complete or in-progress as specified in step #3.

· Click ‘Save Note’.

Click ‘Process New’ on the Degree Evaluation tab. You should now be able to see your complete note.