2009-2010 Catalog Year General Education Course List

Read the guidelines for each category and choose courses that fulfill the requirements.

Composition, American Institutions, Quantitative Literacy, and Computer & Information Literacy.
Humanities and Creative Arts, Social Sciences, and Physical Sciences and Life Sciences.

Go to weber.edu/aptests for information on AP scores, or go to weber.edu/cleptest for information on CLEP scores that can earn you General Education credit.

Other Requirements

Most undergraduate students are required to complete a 3-credit-hour Diversity course. Courses marked with a "" in this document fulfill the Diversity requirement as well as the specified General Education requirement. Go to weber.edu/diversityrequirements to view the complete list of Diversity courses. Students in many programs are also required to complete a Foreign Language requirement or a Scientific Inquiry requirement. For a complete listing of Scientific Inquiry courses, consult the WSU Catalog or weber.edu/ssc.


Catalog Year
General Education
Course List



Avoid Misadvisement.

Consult your academic advisor, the WSU catalog, and department websites and materials for information on General Education requirements for your specific program.

Go to weber.edu/ssc for a complete list of college and program advisors.