German Study Abroad

The Department of Foreign Languages at Weber State University is committed to offering students a diverse learning experience. As part of that commitment, Study Abroad programs are regularly scheduled each year. Please select a program for more information. Note that information may not be available until trip scheduling has been set.  Programs are listed below.

Bayreuth Germany Semester Abroad

Since the summer of 2004, the German section of the Department of Languages and Literatures has been sending students to participate in a unique semester abroad at the University of Bayreuth.  WSU students majoring or minoring in German have the opportunity by means of this 4-and-1/2-month exchange program to experience Germany not only as tourists enjoying unique travel opportunities, but also as students taking courses that work toward the completion of degree program(s).  Up to 12 credits can be earned through this semester exchange, which runs annually from mid-April through August.  For more information, please visit this site.

Contact information:
Dr. Eva Szalay
Department of Foreign Languages
(801) 626-7908

For more information on study abroad programs visit the Study Abroad web site by clicking here

The following are photos from a recent WSU study abroad trip to Germany involving students from the department of languages and literatures: