FYE Works!

Advice and Testimonials from Past FYE Students

"This I believe...
I sit in a class this morning full of people I have nothing in common with. There are teenagers, smokers, people that work in jails and people that have been in jail. People with tatoos, piercings, and who get bad grades. I sit here with my friends.
When I first came to class, I was a little afraid because I was different, not because they were. I worried they would not accept me. But they did. I have learned from them , laughed with them, and worried about them. I am amazed by them! I st here with my friends.
Someone once said what unites us is stronger than what divides us. We are all part of the universe. We are all part of the human race. I believe that the world will be a better place in the future because we all need each other. We are all in this together. This I believe." - Des, 2009-2010 FYE student

"This FYE class has saved me!  I made A LOT of mistakes, but I think it would have been much, much worse if I had not taken this class.  I will recommend it to everyone, especially ones who are non-traditional age.  I have learned many valuable things, especially when it comes to studying right and planning out the semester.  Thanks!"  -Naomi J.

"My FYE class really helped me get adjusted, and know where to go when I need assistance. When you know where to go for help, your problems won't seem as big or so hopeless." 
-Michael C.

"I would highly recommend that all new first year students take Introduction to the University (Educ 1105). It will help you know what services are available to you as a student of Weber State University. I have had a good first semester and am glad that I decided to take this class."  -Matt T.

"Get into the Introduction to the University class (Educ 1105)! It has given me valuable information that has helped me become a successful student as well as a successful person. It teaches students essential information that can help throughout life. I have really enjoyed this class."  -Jamie W.

"Personally my FYE experience has been a great one. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend the course to any student especially a new one. I'm sure this class has helped me in more ways than I can ever comprehend right now."  -John S.

"I have really loved this class this semester (Educ 1105). It has helped me learn a ton more about college. It has made a huge impact on my college education."  -Amber W.

"FYE is the best experience to be a part of.  FYE students gain friendship, self esteem and helps then deal with the change that college causes."  -Camron W.

"Without the FYE program, I doubt that I would be in school today.  This program has given me the skills, knowledge, and confidence to succeed in college."  -Iris M.

"FYE is a great program to be involved in.  It helps you know what is on the campus and how to use it.  I would have never known about half of the stuff on campus if it wasn't for this class.  It also helped me make good friends.  I don't think I would have started my college life any other way."  -Stephanie C.

"Not only did FYE help me in the transition from high school life to the new culture of college, but FYE has helped me get involved in campus activities that are not only fun, but have ultimately made my resume more impressive."  -Jason A.

"FYE is terrific!  Every student at Weber State should be involved in this great program.  By participation in FYE, I gained valuable knowledge about the University and the skills necessary to become a successful student. The FYE program is the foundation for success at Weber State University."  -Nicole G.

"Without FYE, I'm a headless chicken in the dark.  The program put me in touch with new friendships, priceless to my education."  -Jeremy H.

"The FYE program was a lifesaver for me.  It was what I needed for the transition from high school to college."  -David A.

"I enjoyed being a part of the FYE program because it helped me gain a general view of the university, and it outlined the steps I needed to take to successfully complete a college education." -Jeremy N.

"The FYE program gave me the opportunity to establish a support system and network of fellow classmates, professors from different disciplines, and people in administration. This support network gave me people whom I could talk to if I had questions, needed academic advice or support, or someone to help with the difficulties of college life."  -Stephanie E.

"Do your best!  Don't settle for a "B" when you can get an "A".  Keep working and make the most of your college experience.  Everyone succeeds, everyone fails, no one succeeds without failure."  -Joshua B.

"Take your time.  Go one day at a time.  Make sure you budget your time.  When friends come and want you to go with them but you have a lot of homework it is OK to say No."  -Scott I.

"Work ahead if you can, get as much sleep as possible, and don't procrastinate."  -Mike B.

"First rule is to never expect college to be as easy as high school.  You may have more freedom, but be wise about it.  Secondly, get involved!! Your first year seems so hard and boring and lonely when you're not involved with the campus and the people.  It's always nice to know that there is someone out there having the same struggles as you, and more people can offer more advice.  Lastly, don't ever give up!! Yes, the studying and the papers and the reading and the homework are a big pain but in the end it really pays off.  Always keep in mind your goals and your values and that picture of you with a beautiful diploma and your first year experience can't go wrong."  -Jara Lyn S.

"Take notes, read your text and go to class. I know these are basic things that are common sense, but not everybody does them.  I think reading the text is very important, it may not show immediately but you will respect the text when test time comes.  You can't learn it all in the text, that's why it is important to go to class.  Taking notes is very important."  -Dallas B.

"The first thing you need to know is that this is not high school, you can't just skate by with showing up to class.  You need to get organized: class, homework, review time, break time, study time, and work time and when all this is taken care of you can have your time.  You also should take advantage of all your resources at school, like talking to your teacher out of class, study groups, tutors, the writing center, the library, athletic center and the campus free phones not to mention all the discounts you get, here and in the community, for being a student.  College is fun (hard but fun) and is worth it to get an education and better your life."  -Sean B.

"Start working on the things that are due in advance.  Do not register for all hard classes at the same time.  I had all classes that had a lot of homework.  I'm sure that most classes do, but I should have balanced a little more.  Use the library or places on campus to study and do homework.  I have found in the last few weeks that I do better and get more done if I stay on campus to do it."  -Heidi J.

"Do not procrastinate to the last minute even if it is easy.  This causes stress and too many hassles." -Cole B.

"I recommend that a first year student take this class to help them get ready for the years to come.  One thing I did not do and wish I did is look more into the classes and take my time picking the classes.  I recommend that a new student look more into what their career is going to be instead of just jumping into any class.  Talk to your teacher.  If there are ever any problems or concerns to not be scared but to talk to the teacher.  It might mean the difference between a passing grade and a failing grade.  Never walk away not knowing something." 
-Melissa F.

"Don't think this will be a really easy class that doesn't have any work.  Be prepared to work hard for your grade.  Listen to the guest speakers closely and take notes on what they say.  Chances are you will be tested on it.  Study all the material you can find for the tests.  The tests include everything you have talked about and I mean everything.  Learn all you can and have fun."  -Ben H.

"Do everything to the best of your ability.  I feel this year I really took my work serious, and I feel it helped me a lot.  I made a goal with myself to be the best and do the best I possibly could in everything.  I would recommend highly using the resources available on campus.  This class really helped me realize everything we have here to help us.  I am pretty sure that if it was not for this class I would have never learned of so many things that can help me in school.  Manage your time well.  Don't procrastinate.  Don't do an assignment just to get a grade.  Have a well balanced agenda and your work and your grades will show your effort.  Have fun but do what is required of you."  -Dustin S.

"I should have visited a counselor before deciding what classes to take.  I thought that because of the registration through the internet that I could skip all of that, boy was I wrong.  If I had visited one before I registered I could have avoided dropping a class that I wouldn't have taken in the first place.  I would have taken this semester a little more seriously.  I found that the same habits I formed as a high school student stayed with me, I thought that college life would set me straight but it didn't go quite as I had planned.  I would have made sure to get to a few of those convocation speeches, they are a good opportunity that I missed out on."  -Jason W.

"Based on my experience this term, I really grew up.  I did have a great experience.  I wish I would have studied harder.  However, before I had this class I didn't know really how to study.  The unit on note take, and textbook reading really opened my eyes.  Next semester I am going to write a ton more in my textbooks.  I should have got involved more.  I was very lonely this semester because I didn't have all my friends from high school around.  If I would have got involved I could have met more people."  -Ashlee A.

"The first thing I realized I shouldn't have done when I was a freshman was to arrange my classes in such a way that I spent all day on campus.  Then I went to work at night leaving no time to study.  Don't ever get behind in your classes.  Once you do it is very difficult to catch up.  Stay on top of things and manage your time so that you have the time you need to stay on top of things.  One thing I regret not doing is reading the text for some of my classes.  If I had read the assigned text before we talked about it, I would have gotten a lot more out of the discussions than I did."  -Sara C.

"Worrying about school and grades is OK, but don't forget why you are here.  You are here to learn as much as you can.  I would say that this is the most important thing that I have learned.  No employer is going to look at your grades, the only thing they are going to see is what you have learned.  Grades don't really matter.  If you are learning the material and are in class, the grades will come.  No professor will fail you for doing your best.  Choose classes that you want to take.  It is already hard to go to school and adjust to new professors and a new way of life.  You need to be motivated to go to class so if you take classes that you are interested in, then you will go to class and you will do good in school and you will continue in school.  Be willing to learn new things about yourself and others.  The worst thing you can do is to close your eyes to the world around you and not learn about other people and their way of life.  You may never have a chance again to meet as many different people in one place." 
-Jessica A.

"This is not a course that you take to get automatic credit.  You have to work for the grade in this course.  Don't take it and figure you can show up and get full credit. Take time on your assignments and work and re-work your papers.  None of the last minute stuff that you might be used to in high school.  If your paper isn't up to par then believe you me, the instructor will let you know. Study for the tests.  STUDY FOR THE TESTS.  If you show up to the testing center the day of the test without studying saying to yourself, "how hard can it be," you will definitely receive a C or lower.  Notice the quotations, it happened to me on the first test."  -Nate G.

"Place more emphasis on reading the text book, the text book is the biggest source of information available.  Do the homework completely, putting all of your effort into it.  This helps because it prepares you for harder courses.  Have fun with this course!  College shouldn't be a bore, the last thing you want to do is spend $1000 and not have fun.  Having fun means getting out of your comfort zone, talking to people, making friends, and getting involved." 
-Jesse B.

"I wish I had taken better, more comprehensive notes.  There have been times when on a test I see something that was lectured upon, but I didn't think was that crucial, and I didn't take notes for it.  I wish I had spent more time getting to know the people in class.  Maybe I missed it, because I was late, but the class has just recently, from my point of view, started to bond. I think it would have been good if I had gotten to know the peer mentor better, she is a real asset to the class.  I probably would have gotten better grades on papers."  -Jeff E.

"Keep up on your work.  Do important assignments before they become important, urgent assignments.  It helps to reduce the stress level.  Plan at least an hour and a half each day when you can sit around, just relax, and not have to do anything.  Once again, it reduces your stress level. Get an on-campus job.  It's a great opportunity to meet students that you usually would never see, they are really flexible with your hours if you need them to be, and you have many chances to do homework while on the job.  The convenience out weighs the minuscule pay, at least for me."  -Janna H.

"Plan ahead -- I planned everything ahead so that I knew what assignments were due when.  I did them ahead of time so that if something came up I would still have an assignment to turn in.  Stick to your schedule -- It is hard to be disciplined enough to stay on task, especially if you don't particularly like a subject  I wish I had applied myself better in the classes I found difficult, because in these classes my grade could have been an acceptable one.  Instead I may end up having to take classes again, which is a waste of time and money.  Don't work full-time --  This is the biggest mistake I made.  It is a difficult task to study hard if you don't have the time.  Classes in which I could have done well (math for example) suffered because I just didn't have the time to do assignments.  Working 45 hours a week is hard on a person's GPA."  -Name J.

"What I learned most about this semester and the advice I would give to another student is this, the first thing I would advise is WORK HARD...through hard work you respect your choices of being in school and you care about your grades...who really enters college to fail?  Second, be willing to help others, for they are willing to help you, I know I sometimes don't have much time but I find it very valuable to help others and to let them know that they are important to me, plus it always comes back to you 10 fold when you are kind.  Third, I should have recognized my limitations before taking on so much, not so much class wise but outside interests as well and remember most of us have to work...so be careful not to work so that your education doesn't become a part of your life that your start to dislike. This would be my advice."  -Linda W.

"Don't overload yourself with classes and activities.  This first semester I only took three classes.  It worked out perfectly.  I heard so many other students complain about the struggle they were having to try and complete all the work for each of their classes.  I went to school only twice a week.  I think that by starting out slow, I was able to get used to the college experience.  I have not been overwhelmed with a new experience. 2) Take advantage of your academic counselors.  After meeting with my academic counselor I found out some wonderful information.  They can help explain general education in very easy terms to understand.  He saved me a lot of time. 3) Go to school and do your homework.  Once you are in class, you have completed half the battle.  Work hard in class and do your homework.  Try to make yourself realize that all this hard work will pay off in the end."  -Ryan H.