Faculty/Staff Registration FAQ

Where can I find information to assist students in registering for fall semester?

Step-by-step registration instructions are available at http://weber.edu/register as well as other useful information such as important deadlines, the final exam schedule, and how to totally withdraw from school. Students can receive in-person assistance at the Registration Office on the Ogden campus and the one-stop Enrollment Services Office on the Davis campus.

How can a student view the pre-requisites and co-requisites for a course?

Students can view course pre-requisites and co-requisites by logging into the student portal; clicking on the Student Services Fall 05 – Spring 06 tab and:

Click the "Registration" link;

Choose a semester on the ‘Select Semester’ and ‘Class Schedule Search’ pages;

Click the submit button at the bottom of the page.

Choose a subject and Scroll to the bottom of the page

Click ‘Class Search.’

Co-requisite information is listed immediately following the course title.

Pre-requisite information can be viewed by clicking on the course title. This will also show information regarding lab fees, course enrollments, etc.

How can a student find new numbers for courses when curriculum changes are made?

The Academic Advisement Center maintains a list of courses, cross-listing the old and new numbers. This list can be viewed at http://weber.edu/coursechanges.

Can students register after the first day of school?

Yes. Students may continue to register for courses online through the first week of the semester. They may also add classes with departmental permission through the end of the third week of the semester.

Will there be a "purge" (or drop) process for any unpaid classes?


No. When a student registers for courses they agree to pay the associated tuition and fees. The student is responsible to drop classes before the end of the first week to receive 100% of their tuition and fees, otherwise their refund will be based on the refund schedule available by clicking http://departments.weber.edu/accounting/cashiers/refund.htm


How will students know about the new obligation to pay?


The first time they log into the registration system, they will see a "Tuition and Fee Statement." This statement is a reminder (and a contract) that once students register for courses, they are obligated to pay unless they drop courses or withdraw from school.

How do students get access to the registration system? What is the Wildcat ID?

New students must create a Wildcat Account to register, view grades/transcripts and access many other student services.

Go to www.weber.edu

Click current students

Click the Need a Wildcat ID (WCID) link and complete the necessary fields to establish an ID.Call Computing Support at (801) 626-7777 for assistance.

What is the "W" number?

The "W" or Weber number replaces the student’s social security number or "88" student ID number. Students will need their "W" number to make payments at the Cashier’s Office, access on-line payments for tuition and fees, or when meeting with faculty or college advisors to complete degree evaluations.

For new students the "W" number is printed on the admissions acceptance letter. For current students, the "W" number can be found at the top of any registration pages.

Is there a payment plan for tuition and fees?

Yes. Information about payment plans is available in the student portal, or at . Students can pay university expenses by check, cash, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover). They can pay online by logging into the student portal, clicking the Student services Fall 05-Spring 06 tab and Clicking on "Tuition and Fees."

Where can students find financial aid and scholarship information?

Financial aid information is available at http://weber.edu/financialaid/default.html. For scholarship information go to http://weber.edu/scholarships. Encourage students to apply early to meet the priority deadlines for these funds.

Are there any late fees if students do not pay tuition and fees by the deadline?

Yes. A $40 late payment fee will be assessed all students who have not paid their tuition and fees in full or signed up for a monthly payment plan. If students have an outstanding balance after financial aid or scholarships have been applied, they are responsible to pay this amount by the payment deadline to avoid the late payment fee.

Will students be charged interest on unpaid tuition and fees?

Yes. Interest will begin the fourth week of the semester. The current rate is 12% annually. Students on a payment plan that covers all tuition and fees will not be charged interest.

What is the tuition refund schedule if students withdraw from an individual course or from the entire semester?

The refund schedule for any given semester is available at http://departments.weber.edu/accounting/cashiers/

A $16.50 fee will be assessed to all students who completely withdraw from the semester; late payment and application fees are non-refundable. Refund dates are available at http://departments.weber.edu/accounting/cashiers/.