English Teaching Major

The English Teaching major is designed for students who want to pursue a secondary teaching position.

Degree Requirements

Program Prerequisite: You must meet the Teacher Education admission and certification requirements (see Department of Teacher Education).

Minor: A teaching minor is required.

Grade Requirements: A 2.0 or better in all courses required for this major. English Teaching majors must achieve an overall GPA of 3.00 for admission to the Teacher Education program.

Credit Hour Requirements: A total of 120 credit hours is required for graduation -- a minimum of 39 of these must be English courses. A total of 40 upper division credit hours is required (courses numbered 3000 and above) -- a minimum of 36 of these must be English courses.

Advisement: An initial advisement interview is required of students wishing to declare an English teaching major. English Teaching majors are required to meet with a faculty advisor at least annually for course and program advisement. If this requirement is not met, you may not be allowed to register for classes within the major. Call 801-626-6251 for more information or to schedule an appointment. (Also refer to the Department Advisor Referral List.)

Admission Requirements: Declare your program of study at the English department office, Social Science 314. Teaching majors must meet the Teacher Education admission and certification requirements (see Teacher Education Department in this catalog).

General Education: English teaching majors may elect either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree as defined by the university catalog (refer to General Requirements). The Bachelor of Arts degree is recommended.

PSY SS1010 (3) in the Social Science area is recommended. Consult with a departmental advisor for other detailed general education guidelines.

Student Teaching: Student teaching takes place near the end of the teaching major's program. You should apply by deadlines set by the Department of Teacher Education.

Student teaching takes place during a single semester. Before student teaching, you should complete all required education courses and at least 33 credit hours from required English courses. The latter must include required courses in critical approaches, advanced writing, language, young adult literature and teaching methods.

Course Requirements for Bachelor's Degree

Credit hours required: 39, 36 of which must be upper division courses (3000-4000 level classes). The number listed in parentheses after each course is the number of credit hours.

All of the following (15 credit hours):

  • ENGL 3020 Introduction to the Study of Language for Teachers (3)
  • ENGL 3080 Critical Approaches to Literature (3) (early in major)
  • ENGL 3310 Young Adult Literature (3)
  • ENGL 3400 The Teaching of Literature (3)
  • ENGL 3410 The Teaching of Writing (3)

Writingone of the following (3 credit hours):

  • ENGL 3100 Professional & Technical Writing (3)
  • ENGL 3210 Advanced College Writing (3)
  • ENGL 3250 Fiction Writing (3)
  • ENGL 3270 Magazine Article Writing (3)
  • ENGL 3280 Biographical Writing (3)

American Literatureone of the following (3 credit hours)

  • ENGL 4520 American Literature: Early and Romantic (3)
  • ENGL 4530 American Literature: Realism and Naturalism (3)

American Literatureone of the following (3 credit hours)

  • ENGL 4540 American Literature: Modern (3)
  • ENGL 4550 American Literature: Contemporary (3)

British Literatureone of the following (3 credit hours)

  • ENGL 4610 British Literature: Medieval (3)
  • ENGL 4620 British Literature: Renaissance (3)
  • ENGL 4630 British Literature: Neoclassical and Romantic (3)

British Literatureone of the following (3 credit hours)

  • ENGL 4640 British Literature: Victorian (3)
  • ENGL 4650 British Literature: Modern (3)
  • ENGL 4660 British Literature: Contemporary (3)

World Literaturesone of the following (3 credit hours)

  • ENGL 3510 World Literature (3)
  • ENGL 3730 Literature of Cultures and Places (3)
  • ENGL 3880 Philosophy and Literature (3)
  • ENGL 4750 Classical Literature (3)

Elective Coursesselect at least 6 credit hours of upper division English courses.

To complete the required 39 credit hours, English Teaching majors may choose as electives any 3000 and 4000 level English courses, including those listed above. In addition, majors may take as an elective only one of the following:

  • ENGL HU/DV2200 Introduction to Literature (3)
  • ENGL HU/DV2220 Introduction to Fiction (3)
  • ENGL HU/DV2240 Introduction to Poetry (3)
  • ENGL 2250 Creative Writing (3)
  • ENGL HU/DV2290 Introduction to Drama (3)
  • ENGL HU/DV2710 Perspectives on Women's Literature (3)