Required Portfolio

Students should meet with the Creative Writing Program Director toward the end of their Sophomore (2nd year) to be assigned a Creative Writing Program Faculty Mentor. The Faculty Mentor helps students to build their program portfolio. Those students wishing to graduate with the Creative Writing Emphasis in the English Major must submit this portfolio to the Chair of the English Department three weeks prior to the end of their final semester in the Program..

The student portfolio is NOT intended as an independent graduate thesis or major research project. Instead, it should be seen as a collecting point for a student’s representative work during her/his tenure in the program. Therefore, it is essential that the portfolio begin at the earliest possible time between student and adviser. **Although the portfolio must include all the parts outlined below, the portfolio’s exact nature will be arranged between student and adviser. The completed portfolio will be held on file with the English Department.

  • Collection of Representative Creative Work determined between adviser and student.
  • Self Evaluation/Analysis of 1-2 pages, single-spaced. This should be written during a student’s last semester in the program.
  • Applied Research comprised of either Graduate program research and application (1 completed application and 1 submission or query letter) OR Publication research and submission (20 venues with 10 annotated selections and 1 submission or query letters).

Students must also participate in a CAPSTONE PUBLIC READING, either as part of a class or a scheduled program reading.

Finally, upon completing the student portfolio, a graduating senior fills out the EXIT INTERVIEW, which asks general questions about the a student’s time in the Creative Writing Emphasis Program  

The portfolio must be completed and submitted three weeks prior to graduation.