Pursue Your Masters of Arts in English with a Creative Writing Emphasis

Weber State University (WSU) is proud to boast that it is home to one of the state's most respected Master of Arts in English programs. This dynamic program is perfect for Creative Writing majors who desire to continue their studies at WSU.  Below is a sample listing of courses. Interested in learning more? Please visit: https://www.weber.edu/MAEnglish 

As a Master of Arts in English student, you must complete the major’s core requirements and 1 of our 3 options to earn your degree.

Along with a Creative Writing Option, we offer:


Core Research Methods

MENG 6010 Introduction to Graduate Studies (3)

One course in three of the following four areas (3 courses)
Core Literature 

MENG 6030* Studies in Literary Theory and Criticism (3)
MENG 6610* Advanced Studies in Genres (2-3)
MENG 6710* Variable Topics (2-3)

Core Seminars

MENG 6510 Seminars in Eminent Writers (2-3)
MENG 6520 Seminar in Shakespeare (3)

Core Language

MENG 6310 Language and Linguistic for Teachers (3)
MENG 6320 World Languages (3) 
MENG 6330 Literary and Rhetorical Stylistics (3)
MENG 6410 Strategies and Methodology of Teaching ESL/Bilingual (3)
MENG 6420 English Phonology and Syntax for ESL/Bilingual Teachers (3)
MENG 6450 ESL/Bilingual Assessment: Theory, Methods, and Practices (3)

Core Teaching

MENG 6110 Writing for Teachers (3)
MENG 6120 Teaching Traditional and Contemporary Young Adult Literature (4)
MENG 6230 Wasatch Range Writing Project Summer Institute (1-6) 
MENG 6280 TESOL Practicum (3) 
MENG 6400 Multicultural Perspectives on Literature for Young People (3) 
MENG 6821 Teaching Developmental Reading and Writing (2) 
MENG 6822 Teaching College Writing (2)
MENG 6823 Teaching Practicum (1)

* May be repeated for elective credit with different content.


Seminars in Literature

Three (3) courses from at least two of the following repeatable seminars:
MENG 6240 Seminar in American Literature (3)*
MENG 6250 Seminar in British Literature (3)*
MENG 6260 Seminar in World Literature (3)*

Forms and Crafts

MENG 6610 Creative Writing Forms and Crafts (3 credits)

Creative Writing Workshops: 

Must take at least two workshops (6 credits) from the following courses:
MENG 6610 Nonfiction Writing (3)
MENG 6610  Fiction Writing  (3)
MENG 6610  Poetry Writing (3)


MENG 6940 Masters Project (3)

Possible schedule to meet requirements in 4 semesters:

Fall semester:

MENG 6010 Introduction to Graduate Studies (3)
MENG 6240/6250/6260 Seminar in Literature (3)
MENG 6610 Creative Writing Workshop (3)

Spring semester:

MENG 6XXX Core (3)
MENG 6240/6250/6260 Seminar in Literature (3)
MENG 6610 Creative Writing Workshop (3)

Summer semester:

MENG 6XXX Core (3)
MENG 6240/6250/6260 Seminar in Literature (3)
MENG 6610 Creative Writing Workshop (3)

Fall semester:

MENG 6XXX Core (3)
MENG 6940 Masters Project (3)