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Available Internships

Below is a brief list of internships that have been brought to our attention. This list is by no means exhaustive; these are merely the small number of employers seeking interns that have been brought to our attention. For additional information, contact Dr. Scott Rogers 

Internships are often available via the following sites:




Posted: 11/15/21

Employer: Ogden Surgical-Medical Society

Period of Employment: TBD

I am looking for a WSU student who is:

  • A great speller
  • On-time for work, also flexible, and remote work
  • Detail-Orientated
  • Willing to learn
  • A good writer-understands sentence structure
  • Knows basic Word and basic Excel
  • Has their own laptop
  • Can work 15-20 hours a week
  • Willing to help with marketing in the Ogden area - not afraid to make email connections or phone calls - I have the information needed
  • Able to write organization feeds on Facebook and Twitter
  • Be familiar with how to file in alphabetical order and be willing to file papers
  • Be able to lift 20 lbs. such as paper boxes etc when purchased
  • Be willing to make $14.00 an hour
  • Is honest
  • The organization office is in Ogden by Weber State.

The student/alumni will learn how to write basic grants, learn how to use their writing for accreditations for our organization, learn to write press releases, learn to write to other organizations, and learn how to help me organize a conference with tools I can teach them.

You can send your resume to or take a copy of your resume and send it to me at 801-564-5585. I do not need a cover letter.

A student does not need any science or medical background, at all. I am interested in a person that is a good speller, checks their work, and is detail-orientated...and all the qualities mentioned above.

Possible projects at Ogden Surgical-Medical Society: Social Media, Newswriter, Graphics, Editing, Business affairs, Event coordination, Facilitating employee meetings, External websites, Database management, Researching and writing: news releases, memorandums or proposals, public service announcements, Photography, Graphic design, Writing: news, online, radio, television, technical writing, Information gathering, Research, Fact checking, Publishing, Advertising, Production, Meeting attendance, Editing, Customer service, Sales, Promotions and advertising campaigns, Brochure and flyer creation, Social media, Convention assistance, Develop presentation materials, Create/update/revise websites, Organize data for internal reports, and Coordinate fund raising.

Contact: Teresa Puskedra, Executive Director, Ogden Surgical-Medical Society, 801-564-5585